Se’Von Pittman leaves the team

If you have even a decent memory you will remember how last year Se’Von Pittman was committed to play for MSU and Mark Dantonio. Then something happened that I can’t remember oh wait yeah OSU hired Urban Meyer and one of his first goals was to chase down and get Pittman to flip to Ohio State and it really didn’t take much to land Se’Von but what it really did was send Dantonio and his staff and the fans into a year long whining binge about how horrible a human being Urban Meyer was for swaying a committed member of their 2012 class to leave them and join OSUs.

Fast forward a year later and Se’Von Pittman red shirted his Freshman year and saw his fellow 2012 DL recruits playing every game and having lots of success and apparently an off the field issue and Se’Von Pittman has left Ohio State and been granted his request to transfer to another institution of higher learning.

Tim May of the Columbus Dispatch broke the story via his twitter page.

In his Blog Post on he had this to say….

Defensive end Se’von Pittman no longer is a member of the Ohio State football team, an athletic department spokesman confirmed for The Dispatch tonight.

Pittman, who redshirted as a freshman last season, asked for his release and it was granted, the spokesman said. The spokesman did not give a reason for the move.

Sources told The Dispatch it had to do with an off-the-field issue, and that Pittman was looking for a fresh start. While Pittman could not be reached for comment, sources said he was considering a transfer to Louisville if it can be worked out.

Pittman had made news in December 2011 when he opted to decommit from Michigan State and pledge to Ohio State and Meyer, who had just taken the Ohio State job and was on a whirlwind recruiting cycle to upgrade the 2012 class. But Pittman, who enrolled in time to take part in spring drills last year, suffered a knee injury in the spring and did not play last season.

It is really sad to see a guy with so much promise leave the Buckeyes before he ever had a chance to show off his skill set. If the rumors of him wanting to land at Louisville are true it will further upset that MSU fan base who surely must have had some hope he would come back into their fold and join the Spartans finally. As of right now doesn’t look like that will ever happen though. Good luck Se’Von where ever you land up and we at Motsag hope you find a home for your talents.


  1. Aron Levens says

    Wonder if he was one of the guys involved in the [alleged] rape incident at the dorms?

    Added qualifier. Let’s be fair to everyone at least until there’s a charge. – J

  2. This is the general consensus. It was pretty much confirmed by the ABC report, which identified one of the involved as a player who had left the team last week.

  3. A huge allegedly needs to be added since again all we have is a piece of paper and a story on WSYX that was pulled from their site minutes after it aired.

  4. Charles Smith says

    Are we all to be judged without proof due to just rumors ???? How unfair is that ? Don’t cast one stone while in a glass house. Give the guy a break with the assumptions.


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