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I fell into a funk this past week, so I must atone for this lapse in activity by bringing you one of the best ICYMIs of all time. I hope I can do it.

A CALL FOR HELP: I received an email recently from Kiya Sabet and they asked if I could reach out to you, our smart and attractive readers to see if you could help. Here is what they sent me (and yes, I’m leaving that butt-kissing first line in there):

I am writing you today to express first what an excellent site you have and second to let you know that myself and a couple of partners are in the process of developing a documentary commemorating the 2002 season and National championship of OSU. What we are looking for and hope to work with, is we need non-standard footage OSU figures particularly Clarett and Tressel. By non-standard I mean anything shot from fan perspective, coach’s box, in and around Columbus of players and anything you feel would be fitting to this sort of project including still photos. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you. If you have any questions I can be reached at or 813-995-3467.

If you have anything that could support these guys in their endeavors, please contact them directly.

UNC TO THE BIG sixTEeN? Retweeted by pretty much everyone yesterday, Jeff Ermann of InsideMDSports tweeted:

MotSaG’s own Kade has been emailing me for months saying this is going to happen, with me usually replying that I only want UNC if they bring Georgia Tech and the triple option with them. I don’t know if this will happen and I don’t even know if I care at this point, but it’s clear that Jim Delany is out there, manipulating the rest of the college sports world into doing his bidding.

THE CUPCAKES SERVED THEIR PURPOSE. I think for most Ohio State fans in general, this was a long time coming:

“The nonconference schedule in our league is ridiculous,” Alvarez said during his monthly radio show on Madison’s WIBA-AM. “It’s not very appealing …

“So we’ve made an agreement that our future games will all be Division I schools. It will not be FCS schools.”

WOODY HAYES. The Woody Hayes statue has been reverently erected outside the Woody Hayes Athletic center, proud of what he sees.

Speaking of Woody Hayes, here’s the Woody Show after beating Michigan in 1975. Amazing.

And more Woody Hayes.

THE LONG ROAD BACK.They posted this last week, but Chris Holloway’s interview with Quinn Pitcock over at the Buckeye Empire is worth a read

BASKETBALL RECRUITING. Brandon Castel over at the O-Zone has a round-up of how Thad Matta’s 2014 class is shaping up and it has the potential to be a strong one, something Matta definitely needs.

HE’S OURS. ALL OURS. Tom Herman was named the Big Ten’s best recruiter by

The job that Herman, Ohio State’s offensive coordinator, did by going to Texas and grabbing three of the state’s top 20-ranked prospects, including five-star linebacker Mike Mitchell — Texas’ No. 1 ranked prospect — gets the nod as this year’s most impressive feat.

ETC: Ryan DAMN Shazier… UGH even when he’s describing The Rivalry, he calls us “Ohio”. That’s Dirty Pool, Denard.


  1. Poor Denarded will always have to live knowing he went 1-3 against Ohio State…..

  2. While I don’t doubt that UNC is at or near the top of Delany’s list, the wording of this “news” makes it suspect. There is really no such thing as an official “offer” to join the Big Ten. Schools apply and we accept them. Granted, this is done after enough discussion that it is essentially a formality.

    Now, has Delany been in contact with UNC and told them they’d be in if they applied? Considering it’s his alma mater and meets all criteria that B1G presidents love, I’d say that’s pretty likely. I suppose it’s not that big of a stretch to characterize that as an “offer,” but until there’s a Monday press conference scheduled, I’m not holding my breath.

    • Yes, a lot of these rumors are second- and third-hand accounts of what people have “heard”. My understanding is that Delany has made it known to UNC that he wants them to be part of the B1G. Whether that was a post on his Facebook wall or an actual phone call to their president, I don’t know. But I’m with you, I won’t be holding my breath very long, either.

  3. Grant Edgell says

    For a number of traditionalists all of the rumor of further expansion is probably killing them but it’s exciting for me. If taking UVA (who won’t contribute to an ounce of excitement on my part) is the piece that gets us UNC, I’m all in. Their football program has potential so grow into something bigger, more so than Rutgers and Maryland IMO, and their basketball program speaks for itself.

    The question is, with the Big East all but dead, where does Duke go if/when the ACC begins to disband? They fit in the B1G but would have to be one of 20 — which would obviously require Delaney to first be aiming at 20.

    Either way, interesting stuff.

    • My uneducated guess that Duke would go the route of independence. They could schedule anyone they want for basketball and they could still maintain some of their rivalries with schools like UNC and the like with OOC scheduling. And there’d be plenty of schools lining up to add them to the non-conference schedules in football.

      I agree that UNC has the biggest upside in both sports.

    • If we go to 20, then we only have to change the name to the Big Tens. In the long run, it will save tons of money in stationery.

  4. Living, as I do, 30 minutes away from UNC getting them would be awesome! The less I have to drive to see a game, the better.

    +1 for the Woody show, including the commercials. 🙂

    • I think this is the case for a lot of OSU grads — I know quite a few that have finished school and moved to NC for jobs (Research Triangle and what-not). I’d assume that there’d be quite a bit of B1G alumni in that area.

  5. Before the B1G landed Nebraska and everyone was always predicting which schools would join the B1G. I always said Maryland and Virginia made the most sense since they are large state schools and AAU members and spend a lot of money on research. They fit the B1G description the best.

    When they added Neb. though I realized that the B1G didnt care as much about AAU and academics as I thought but still MD and UVA make a lot of sense and if you get Rutgers and GT and UNC as well that is a inside the park home run. If they can get FSU somehow as well that is a Grand Slam for what the B1G wants….

    They want footprints in the biggest TV markets and money, money, and more money. I am fully behind this plan as well.

    • Everyone keeps saying FSU, but why not Florida? They’re AAU (unlike FSU) and bring everything FSU does and more. Sure that means wresting them away from the SEC, but if we believe Delany can get UNC out of the ACC, then it’s not that much of a stretch.

      • Mostly because in the SEC Florida makes nearly as much money as they would in the B1G. Where as FSU would make double to nearly triple the money by joining the B1G compared to what it makes in the ACC.

        IF UNC joins the B1G it will be all about the money.

        • It’s not as big a deal financially for them as for others, but since they’re the only AAU school besides newbies Mizzou and A&M in the SEC, they might entertain a shot at the CIC.

      • Florida joining the B1G would cause a singularity of butt-hurt emanating from Bristol Connecticut. That would be so amazing.

  6. sportsMonkey says

    lol “reverently erected.”

    /hee hee
    //yes I am five years old, if you’re asking

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