Lawrence Marshall decommitts

Frankly a lot of recruiting gurus were predicting this the moment that Lawrence Marshall announced he had committed to OSU. I always prefer to give the benefit of the doubt. While this isn’t the most surprising move ever happening so soon probably is. Below you can see a brief but detailed timeline for this whole thing….

February 10th– He commits to Ohio State and becomes the 4th member of the 2014 class

February 11th– He tells the guys at 11W in an interview the following….

“@Derek11W- Q: Is your process completely over? Do you plan on taking any more visits?

Lawrence Marshall- A: I do not plan on taking any more visits. Ohio State is the pick.”

February 12th– Visits MSU and attends the MSU vs. TTUN basketball game sitting with MSU FB players.

February 13th– Visits TTUN.

February 13th– Tweets out the following…..

Clearly these past few days have been a roller coaster ride for a young man who is impulsive to say the least. Decommitments happen and who knows where he will end up at the end of this process but if history repeats itself you will never see him in an OSU jersey on the field. Most of the time they never recommit especially for Urban Meyer.


  1. This recruiting business is fickle, fickle stuff. I don’t know how you keep track of it all, but I appreciate that you do.

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