A look back at the 2013 recruiting class: Defensive ends

Joey Bosa

joey bosa

Joey Bosa is a 6’6″ 275 lb defensive end who played at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Bosa earned both Under Armour and USA Today All- American honors as he recorded 75 tackles and 14 sacks his senior year. Not only did he record 14 sacks but he constantly pressured the quarterback into poor throws and basically dominated every lineman he went against. Bosa could also be confused with JJ Watt as he bats down many throws by using his height and long arms to get into passing lanes. He possesses a very quick first step and every hand movement that he makes is very violent, which tends to knock opposing lineman off balance. Like Mike Mitchell, Bosa is a throwback kind of player who brings nastiness to Coach Fickell’s defense. Although there is an abundance of young talent on the Buckeye defensive line, Bosa will certainly make an impact in 2013. I will go as far to say that he will make the greatest impact on the defensive side of the field compared to the rest of this very deep recruiting class. Rivals, ESPN and 247 all ranked Bosa as a four star recruit, while Scout ranked him as a five star and the fourth best defensive end in the country.

Tyquan Lewis

tyquan lewis

Tyquan Lewis is a 6’4″ 225 lb defensive end from Tarboro, North Carolina. As a Junior, he registered 63 tackles and 12 sacks from a two point stance (see video below.) Lewis is an interesting prospect, as he has never really played in a three point stance and will need to be coached up to play on the defensive line. He excels at rushing the passer and could have potential after a possible red shirt season. Lewis does have a quick first step and could be a menace on third down, rushing the passer later on in his career. File Lewis as a project right now but he could surprise after a full camp. ESPN ranked Lewis as a three star recruit, while Rivals, 247 and Scout ranked him as a four star.

Tracy Sprinkle

Tracy Sprinkle

Tracy Sprinkle is a 6’4″ 250 lb defensive end reigning from Elyria, Ohio. Last season Sprinkle dominated, as he recorded 103 total tackles and 19 sacks from his defensive end position. It seems as though Meyer has loaded up on the defensive line and all of these defensive ends are premiere pass rushers with supreme athleticism, and Sprinkle is yet another example. He explodes off the edge on a consistent basis and lays punishing hits on opposing quarterbacks. Sprinkle has a relentless motor and is constantly around the football making plays in the backfield or at the line of scrimmage. He does have the body to play right away but we will see if he can find a niche in this loaded defensive line. Rivals, ESPN, 247 and Scout all ranked Sprinkle as a three star defensive end but as an early enrollee, he could stand out in camp.


This three man defensive end class is highlighted by Joey Bosa but both Tyquan Lewis and Tracy Sprinkle are very talented and should make an impact by the time their Buckeye careers are finished. Look for Bosa to make a splash from day one with his relentless motor and nastiness that he could bring to the defense right away. I fully expect him to play a high percentage of snaps at either defensive end or at defensive tackle depending on the scheme. Lewis seems like more of a project compared to the other two as he played his high school career in a two point stance and he could also add some weight to his frame. Sprinkle has the body and talent to play right away but will he be able to break into the stacked depth chart on the defensive line? This group has scary pass rush potential and they will be giving B1G quarterbacks nightmares for years to come if they pan out.


  1. I know Joey Bosa is the star of this class but….. Tracy Sprinkle is underrated and could end up being the best player in this class I really love what he brings to the field.

  2. Gah this is going to the buffet and not knowing where to start.

    Sprinkle’s numbers are gaudy, but Bosa does look like he’s going to be nasty.

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