Urban Meyer invades enemy territory for DE

OSU FootballEvery year it seems to be the same story for some Ohio State fans always screaming about Ohio kids going to to TTUN and how the OSU head coach isnt doing enough to keep the in state kids. Here is the problem with that statement though every year Ohio produces over 100 division 1 prospects and on a good year OSU can take 25 kids total. You can do the math and see it is impossible to take every Ohio kid. So every year a number of disgruntled Ohio kids upset over not being offered by OSU defects to TTUN and many other schools. Most of the time though those kids arent what OSU needed or just werent good enough to get an OSU offer. Now take what is happening in this years class TSUN produces FAR less division 1 talent and what they have pales in comparison to what Ohio produces and then you insert Urban Meyer sending Coach Coombs up north to plant a flag and all of a sudden you have 2 of the best TSUN recruits picking OSU over home state schools TTUN and MSU and their fan bases are flipping out big time. TSUN cant afford to lose any in state talent to OSU when there are so few to get to begin with but now OSU already has 2 of the top 4 and is in striking distance of the other 2. Ohio State already landed Damon Webb from TTUN pipeline school Cass Tech in Detroit who spurned Brady Hoke and now you have another recruit who was heavily recruited by TTUN and MSU picking OSU yesterday in…..



Lawrence Marshall is a 6’4″ 225 lbs 4 star DE from Southfield, TSUN. Lawrence comes from the heart of TTUN recruiting base and was thought to be a TTUN or MSU lean and OSU was a distant 3rd heading into the weekend. Lawrence brings a ton of speed and athleticism to the DE position that Urban wants and seeks. He will need to bulk up some but I have a feeling the OSU S&C coach will handle that nicely. 247sports ranks him a 4 star and the no 246 best recruit in the country. None of the other big 4 recruiting sites have ranked him yet but when they do I will update this post. In the meantime enjoy some of his JR year highlights below.


  1. Anytime you can steal someone from under the nose of the Wolverines, it’s a great day but if you can bring in someone both the Wolverines AND the Spartans wanted then you’ve pretty much nailed it.

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