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SCHEDULING CONFLICTS: The talk of the past couple days has been the possibility of a ten game Big Ten schedule. As with everything about college football, this is more about money than anything else. With just two non-conference games, big name teams are not going to play Big Ten teams in Big Ten country without a return trip to their place.

“Most of us need seven home games in order to make our local budgets,” Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith said. “Is there a way to overcome that? I don’t know. We’ll have to look at that. The conference is aware that it’s an issue.”

BEST B1G IN THE BCS ERA: Tom Dienhart of BTN ranked the best B1G Teams of the BCS Era. Ohio State shows up in six of the twelve spots, including the top 3. Hard to argue with his rankings, but I think I would still have the 2005 Buckeye team in the list, probably replacing the 2007 team at #5 (after the 2005 Penn State team). I think we’re going to revisit this topic to ultimately decide how to rank all the Ohio State teams of the BCS era.

COME TO OHIO SHTATE: College football recruiting has never interested me at the level of other Buckeye fans. Our own Sylvester Yon-Rambo has covered the majority of our recruiting content here and he loves it. But one thing’s for sure: there’s never a dull moment when Urban Meyer is involved. But this year has been stranger than others, it seems. Maybe it’s Twitter.

DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK: There’s chatter that Greg Oden, in a bid to return healthy to the NBA, has the Cleveland Cavaliers on a short list of teams he’s interested in. As a Cavs fan and an Oden fan I am very much in favor of this signing. He’s a low risk, high reward signing (since he will come cheap) and the Cavs need a big man in the worst way. He said last night at the Wisconsin game that he’s planning on returning next season after rehabbing and strengthening his injury-prone knees.

ET CETERA: Oh OBC, don’t ever change… Shame, shame, Alabama players, SI knows your name… We shared this on our Facebook page last night, but don’t forget to vote for Ohio State to be the school on the cover next version of EA’s NCAA football video game.


  1. Ugh I hate the idea of a 10 game schedule…. I know people hate playing cupcake games but those games are so crucial for the schools for so many reasons. Most importantly though they allow me to breathe for a week and not worry about losing mostly because I am not a TTUN fan whose team loses to cupcakes.

  2. Quite the update, eK. I agree with SYR about distaste for a 10-game schedule. I don’t mind cupcake games; it gives OSU a chance to iron out whatever wrinkles exist, and provides a good payday for the cupcake.

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