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MEYER IS AN OPPORTUNIST: So says Frank Schwab at Yahoo’s Dr. Saturday blog:

The Ducks recruit very well, with the sparkling facilities, recent success and the shine from all that Nike gear. If a coaching change was going to cause those top recruits to have second thoughts before signing day, Meyer was going to exploit it.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say as long as Urban Meyer is at Ohio State, these type of “tactics” are going to continue. I wonder if those fans that accuse Urban Meyer of shady tactics secretly wish their coach would do the same. But this type of behavior doesn’t go unnoticed by big-time high school recruits, or their parents:

That’s (apparently) Biff Poggi, football coach and father of Michigan recruit Henry Poggi on the state of recruiting affairs in the Big Ten.

SPEAKING ABOUT RECRUITS: Let’s all agree that tweeting at recruits is just another creepy thing that can be done on the internet and there’s enough creepiness already. Adding to it by tweeting at some high school kid is just not necessary. Don’t don’t it, ok?

TICKETS! WHO NEEDS TICKETS?!: I’ve been buying tickets to Ohio State football games since my first season on campus in 1998 and yes, prices have risen steadily for fifteen years. Of course, the most drastic increase was the “Student-to-Alumnus” ticket price increase. But I understand the price of doing business involves ever growing costs (like supporting 30+ other sports at a major university) so I guess I didn’t get as upset as others did about the proposed changes to ticket prices. I actually think the idea makes sense:

The Athletic Council will ask that two games for the 2013, ’14, ’15 and ’17 seasons be designated as “premier” games. Those games’ costs will range from $110 to $150. The price of the 2016 premier game, undoubtedly against Michigan, will cost $175. That’s 21/2 times the cost of last year’s $70 ticket. Wisconsin and Penn State are the most likely targets for premium status in 2013.

Michigan tickets have always fetched a premium MUCH higher than $175 bucks a piece. Everyone had to know that Ohio State is clearly aware of the secondary ticket market and what they were “missing out” on and it was only a matter of time before they got a bigger piece of the pie.

WHEN YOU PEAK…: This talk of increasing ticket prices was part of CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd asking: Has college football peaked?

I’VE GOT A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS: For some reason, I just don’t see this ending well for Buckeyes or their fans if they ever get into hot water again:

Carr is one of eight new appointments to the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions, which was approved by the NCAA’s board of directors during a weekend meeting, according to a summary report.

Oh, sure, right. I’m sure Mr. Carr will be able to separate his emotions and feelings toward a certain school in the Buckeye state and be completely objective to whatever evidence is produced against them. Right.

I’VE GOT A GOLDEN TICKET: I have to admit that even though it ended a while ago, I think this ticket “scheme” that Minnesota cooked up with their Golden Ticket promotion was brilliant.

ETC SINCE THE LAST ICYMI: Linebacker Conner Crowell and freshman offensive lineman Joey O’Connor are no longer members of the Ohio State football team… Verlon Reed has transferred Findlay… Speaking of wide receivers that didn’t pan out at Ohio State, Duron Carter has declared for the NFL draft (and will probably be drafted [and has always been more physically talented than you {and plays more Xbox than you do, too}])… Pointing and laughing at Bret Bielema never gets old… I’ve been saying this for a while now, but enjoy football while we still can… Big screens keep on getting bigger


  1. You cant spell NCAA Violations with out LLLLLLLLLoyd Carr…. or something like that.

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