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THE RICH KEEP GETTING RICHER: In the biggest news to rock the Buckeye Blogosphere since forever, Vico and Michael from Our Honor Defend have defected over to join the Eleventy Warriors Behemoth (while Charles will take his talents over to the BBC). Congrats to Jason and the guys at 11W for landing these two blogging stalwarts (emphasis on the WARTS, of course).

THAT’S COACH HAYES TO YOU: Woody Hayes would have turned an hundred years old next month and even at a hundred, he would put a dent in your rear end and whip you into shape like nobody’s business. Ohio State will be honoring Mr. Hayes with a fund raising dinner. Ironic that Woody was born in Valentines day. In my version of things, he seems like he would be the most unromantic person on earth. The opposite was probably closer to the truth.

YEARRRRGHH!!!! I will be posting a little more about this very soon, but hopefully everyone has had a chance to see Coach Coombs pump everyone up. I wonder how many cube walls were punched and jugs at the water cooler were curled after watching this video.

WHAT IFS: “But the way we finished and the way we started playing defense and being a really good team there’s no doubt by the way we finished we would have been a contender,” Meyer said.

“I’m not bitter at anybody for where we are,” [Tim Hinton] said. “There is some disappointment that we have a group of young men that truly refused to lose and had opportunities to win another game and possibly two more games. It’s obviously been an unbelievable year. I wish for the players’ sake that we had the opportunity to win again, because they certainly earned the opportunity to perform and play at a high level. It is what it is. This was a great group to work with. I’ve been very fortunate to be a part of them.”

COOOOOOP: John Cooper, the only coach to win the Rose Bowl with a Big Ten team and a Pac-10 team was inducted in to the Rose Bowl Hall of Fame, which apparently is a thing and is big enough of a thing to have the inductees introduced by Keith Jackson.

WE’RE MOVIN’ ON UP: MotSaG’s recruiting guru SYR has always favored 24/7 Sports recruit rankings, and Ohio State has been bumped up to #2 in their latest refresh of their class rankings, behind only Alabama.

ROLL TRIBE: I’m not exactly sure if this is the first time a Buckeye has ever become an Indian (that seems like a good stub for someone to start on Wikipedia) but Nick Swisher made a lot of Cleveland Buckeye fans happy by signing a four-year deal with the Indians. All it took was a visit from Urban Meyer. And Jim Tressel. And Thad Matta. Excellent recruiters, all of them.

WILLIS McGAHEE, MIAMI RUNNING BACK: We could tell it wasn’t going to be a gimme game like when we whooped on Nebraska [in the previous year’s title matchup]. They came to play. This Oral History of the 2003 Fiesta Bowl game is the greatest thing since… the 2003 Fiesta Bowl.

I don’t say this very often anymore, but: Read The Whole Thing.

AND FINALLY: In the department of no one wants to see this, David Boston was sentenced to six months of jail for assaulting a woman. While not an excuse, it is interesting to note that the article mentions that David Boston had suffered from four concussions. I wonder if this defense is going to become common in the near future.

MISC: We all love Urban Meyer and you’re going to love him even more watching him in this Tostitos Homecoming Party Bowl video. Terrelle Pryor is forever a Buckeye and hopes one day you’ll forgive him. New transfer rules forthcoming from the NCAA? Our Twittering Buckeyes page just keeps getting better and better.


  1. A little surprised how many Miami players still cling to The Call as the reason they lost. Fans I get, but usually players and coaches take the classier “We made mistakes/Don’t leave it up to the officials” route.

    Will be interesting one day to compare the combined NFL longevity of the players on the field that night vs. the 2005 title game (USC/Texas).

    • I love the idea of comparing those two games. And while I thought the 2005 game was a great game, it can’t hold a candle to the 2002 game. It’s not even close.

  2. I love the term Recruiting Guru lol NOT…… I am a recruiting hobbyist. Gurus get PAID!!!!

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