Big Hank to enter NFL draft

In a move that probably didn’t surprise anyone Jr. DT Johnathan “Big Hank” Hankins has decided to forego his Sr. year and enter the 2013 NFL draft. Many experts expect Big Hank to go in the top half of the 1st round and that kind of money is just too much to turn down and chance getting hurt or under performing his Senior year and losing stock value. Ohio State issued a statement saying as much and this quote from Big Hank “I have decided, with the support of my family, to forego my senior season at Ohio State in order to enter the NFL Draft.” – Johnathan Hankins.

On behalf of the MOTSAG crew we wish him the best of luck and hope to root for him for many years to come as an NFLer.


  1. Big Hank is definitely one of those guys you don’t begrudge for leaving early. He came in with little fanfare and became a hard working fan favorite.

    Go get yours, big fella.

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