Greatest preseason ever

Before the 2012 season started I had several discussions with the man who runs this website. As is the case with our discussions no matter what we are discussing one of us always takes the “Devils Advocate” side of view. It may sound strange but it truly does help both of us both to understand our own points of view even better. Though sometimes one of us will take things to far and upset the other it is all good because we are always better off after the conversation then we were before we had it. Here is the jist of our conversation….

I came to the conclusion as soon as the bowl ban was placed that the news wasn’t horrible and in many ways was justified and would be helpful for OSU. I mean it wasn’t as if OSU was innocent or the NCAA didn’t have loads of proof for the crimes committed. But most importantly we have all heard the old wives tale that a coaches 2nd year in a program is always their best. I mean Tressel won a NC in his 2nd year as did Urban. I took the position that this 2012 year would be a growing year in a new offense and with a new staff. I also though said OSU would go 12-0 to the scoffs of many. I could see the schedule ahead of us and knew the kind of talent we had and that the B1G would be down this year with top teams replacing top QBs. In my opinion I felt like OSU should treat every game as if it was a preseason scrimmage and try and get as much playing time as possible for the guys who would return in 2013. Mix that in with the SRs who returned under such tough circumstances I thought we could have something special. Its not like I KNEW all these things could happen and was certain of my position but I felt good about it.

All year long we have heard the haters and naysayers. They would say things like OSU is ineligible and shouldn’t be allowed to be ranked or that the B1G is weak and therefore OSU is weak. Every week they would predict OSU would lose and then when they didn’t would find fault and things to complain about OSU as if every year the top 5 teams are perfect in every way and that’s why they are ranked so high every year.

This team is just that a team. I have very rarely seen offensive and defensive players supporting each other when outsiders are attacking their comrades in arms. This team wasn’t built by pre-madonna stars. They were a bunch of guys put together under tough circumstances and they played hard for their coaches and their teammates and their fans. They should be glorified and not vilified. But in todays day and age in CFB if you don’t fit societies picture of a great team then you aren’t great. So the haters are still hating. The Naysayers are still naysaying.

To the AP voters who I had one time hoped would treat this years OSU team as it should be champions who have instead proven to be hacks and writers with an agenda. SCREW YOU

To the talking heads who continue to talk smack about this 12-0 OSU team. SCREW YOU

To the award voters who wont honor the players who had amazing seasons because they are on probation. SCREW YOU

To the writers who write negative stories still about a team that went 12-0. SCREW YOU

To those B1G writers and coaches who most likely wont honor the team that dominated the entire league. SCREW YOU

Finally to those who don’t vote OSU top 3 teams next year pre-season. SCREW YOU

I wish I could say I could care less about what people think about OSU and its coaches and its players but I cant. I wish it didn’t bother me that some AP voters are still ranking OSU outside the top 10 teams in the country but it does. I wish that it didn’t bother me that Heisman voters never really gave Braxton the credit he deserves. I am bitter and angry but not at OSU for not banning themselves from a bowl game last year it was a calculated decision that I don’t fully understand. I am angry because the AP says being ineligible doesn’t matter to them but their voters sure aren’t acting that way.

This year is over for OSU and it is clear they won’t get an AP title and that Braxton will be lucky just to be invited to NYC for the Heisman trophy ceremony. The team had an amazing year going 12-0 and beat TTUN and that is wonderful. They took full advantage of what I considered a 12 game pre-season. The build up for what this team can do next year is within its grasp. The coaches are on the road recruiting for 2013 and 2014 while other coaches are preparing for an unimportant Bowl Game. The players will be able to relax for a bit and enjoy the season they had before getting right back to work on what is sure to be a special year for them and OSU. So while this was the greatest pre-season ever in CFB history it is the stepping stone to a possible 14-0 season where OSU wins a B1G CCG title and a NCG title. That sounds pretty awesome to me.


  1. Just a disclaimer I hesitated even hitting the publish button on this post. I didn’t read what I wrote and just spoke from my hip. It may very well make zero sense in the end but in my head it made perfect sense lol.

  2. Well said SYR! Can’t wait for next year.

  3. /slow clap. Good jorb, SYR.

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