Ohio State vs Wisconsin Recap

In continuing my theme of the fewer words I write the better here goes nothing….

This 68 yard punt return was HUGE to get OSU started in the 1st qtr. OSU 7 Wisky 0

Wisconsin QB Curt Phillips will have nightmares for the rest of his life from plays like this….

While Braxton had an off day luckily for OSU RB Carlos Hyde was there to help out his 1st TD put OSU up 14-0….

Montee Ball was pretty awesome most of the night this TD made it 14-7 at the half….

Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of anything for most of the second half until the last few mins in the game when Ryan Shazier made what seemed to be the play of a lifetime forcing a fumble of Montee Ball on 4th and 1 from the goal line….

This play kept the score 14-7 thanks to Christian Bryant recovering the fumble. Unfortunately OSU couldn’t get a 1st down to end the game which led to this with 19 secs left….

This tied the game at 14-14 and sent the game into overtime….

In Overtime OSU had the ball first and took full advantage with Carlos Hyde getting this his 2nd TD of the game putting OSU up 21-14….

When Wisconsin got the ball for their turn in OT this is how the game ended….

Christian Bryant with the pass deflection on 4th down gave Ohio State the 21-14 win in OT……

This led to OSU and Coach Meyer singing the praises to Ohio State fans while celebrating the victory on Wisconsins home field….

What this game means other victory over a false rivalry is OSU gets one of these and the players get some rings….

And Wisconsin and its fans get this…..

Most images courtesy of Ozone.net


  1. sportsMonkey says

    Actually it’s likely that Wisco will end up in third place in Leaders, depending on the outcome of next week’s game against PSU.

    That brings up a question: assuming Oregon goes to the Rose, which B1G team do you want there? Wisco, UM, or Neb?

  2. I think Nebraska is the best of those 3 having beaten both of them. I think TTUN prob has the best defense of all 3 and Nebraska the best offense. Though TTUN is hot right now with Gardner and if things dont go as I hope this week I may change my mind.

    I just want whomever we send to the Rose Bowl to win and help bring back the B1Gs pride.

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