Ohio State at Wisconsin Preview

We here at Men of the Scarlet and Gray know that along with all the great Buckeye fans we get around these parts, we also get our fair share of fans from other teams. Some are curious to see what we might be saying about their favorite team. Others want to know what the match-up looks like from the opposition’s point of view. And some struggle to read. We call these “readers” “Wisconsin fans”. For their benefit, we have dcided that we will put this in terms they can understand: PICTURES!

Here is what will happen when Wisconsin has the ball…

A little bit of this

or possibly some of this…

When OSU is on defense you will see a lot of this…..

and a ton of this…..

and if that’s not enough you will see a great deal of this…

What you won’t see is Wisconsin throwing the ball a lot with their third string, fifth year back up quarterback so our defensive backs will play a lot of run support and turn Wisconsin’s only receiving threat, Jared Abbrederis, into a non-factor.

What to expect when OSU is on offense…

Hi, Wisconsin fans. You may remember me formerly as the source of all your nightmares from the past eleven months. Guess what?! I’m back and I’m better than ever!

Unfortunately for Wisconsin fans, the nightmare will never end (for at least three more years). He can also do this really well…

Braxton isn’t the only threat for OSU on offense. This guy will see a lot of carries as well…

When Wisconsin is on defense expect a lot of this…

and his partner in tackling crimes….

The OSU offense will roll as long as Braxton and Carlos are on their game and the offensive line does what it has done all year: dominate the line of scrimmage, run inside and out and move people out of the way. Meanwhile, the Wisconsin defense relies on Borland and Taylor to do everything for them.

How I see it….

Which will result in Ohio State fans constantly yelling…

Which brings copious amounts of this….

Which causes Urban Meyer to celebrate the teams victory and his ability to make Bret Bielema cry like a little girl….

Ohio State wins 42-17!!!



  1. While I don’t share your utter and complete confidence in OSU being 25 points better than Wisconsin, I do share the feeling that we should win easily.

    OSU 31
    Wisky 17


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