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BUCKEYE CAGERS: First things first, we have begun a preview of the Ohio State Men’s Basketball Team wherein we will be looking at the players, coaches, and what to expect for the upcoming season. There will be some serious expecations yet again for this Buckeye team and this team should be able to deliver. You can check out our first positional preview, the point guards, done by one of the four original MotSaG bloggers, Trevor (nee Zeke).

WISCONSIN: The Wisconsin game time has been set for 3:30 PM EST on the ABC/ESPN2 rotation depending on where you happening to be sitting next Saturday afternoon. I have a funny feeling I won’t be leaving the house in the middle of the third quarter to have a nice dinner out with Mrs. Kaiser.

THE TEBOW CONNECTION: I think a lot of Buckeye fans held Tim Tebow in pretty low regard during his years at Florida. The cards were stacked against him from the get-go, really. It of course started out with his contribution to the victory over Our Buckeyes in the 2006 National Championship game. Then, you throw in his humility and religious beliefs and the real possibility that he could have become the second two-time Heisman winner and he’s pretty much the worst thing ever. But for as much as I rooted against him, I always thought he was one of those guys I’d love to have on my team. So now, it’s with mixed emotions that we have to consider the fact that he kind of is on our team. Doug Lesmirises has a Q&A with Urban’s favored son, Tim Tebow:

“… And I guess as hard as it is for me to say, I am a pretty big fan now of The Ohio State University.”

“I think I got him a shirt,” Meyer said with a smile.

Speaking of the possibility of Tebow mentoring Braxton, Meyer said, “But I would love for those guys to get face-to-face, even train a little bit together, work out together. Tim is so busy, but I’m going to push for that to happen real hard.”

I think I’m okay with that. Combine Braxton’s freakish talent with Tebow’s work ethic and Braxton basically becomes the T-1000.

Rini over at WFNY has a slightly different take on Miller taking on a more Tebow-esque style of play.

TO THE VICTORS GO THE SPOILS: No surprises here, but Ryan Freaking Shazier and Bri’onte Dunn both picked up accolades in the Big Ten for their play last Saturday against Illinois.

BCS’ING: So Ohio State is ranked 5th in the AP Poll this week, and that may cause you to wonder where they would fit in the BCS picture at this point in the season. Brian Fremeau (writer for Football Outsiders) writes at ESPN’s Insider ($) that chances aren’t great this year, but “the truth is that the 2012 campaign really sets the stage well for strong seasons to come for Ohio State. We run projections for upcoming seasons based on Program FEI ratings, a five-year weighted efficiency measure, and Ohio State has one of the best five-year profiles in the country. They’ll be well-positioned to take advantage next season and beyond.”

UNIFORM SWAG: Ohio State’s Basketball Twitter tweeted yesterday the uniforms they will be donning for this Friday’s game against Marquette in the Carrier Classic. Tip-off is set for 7 PM EST.

HE’S CRAFTY: Speaking of OSU Basketball and Twitter, this was also “a thing” yesterday. (Vico was nowhere to be found. Some thoughts are probably best left untweeted)


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