Ohio State beefs up schedule

Much has been made lately about how the end of the BCS and the beginning of the 4-team playoff would effect the regular season OOC schedule. One of the factors of the new playoff system is strength of schedule and Ohio State is once again leading the charge to beef up their OOC slate of games. OSU AD Gene Smith has said that OSU will be looking to add more BCS AQ schools to its schedule and will phase out a schedule heavily based on MAC schools. That is not to say OSU wont still play MAC schools it just means we will have more quality OOC games.

Last week we started to get a picture of what OSU is trying to do in adding Big 12 member (and former little sister of the poor) TCU to its 2018 and 2019 slate.

Today we got an even more high profile opponent in 2022 and 2023 Ohio State will play Texas.

Below you will see a complete list of Ohio State OOC schedule (through 2023, that we know of so far, more will come)


Aug. 31 Vanderbilt

Sept. 7 Florida A&M

Sept. 14 at Cal

Sept. 21 Buffalo


Aug. 30 vs. Navy at Baltimore

Sept. 13 Kent State

Sept. 20 Virginia Tech

Sept. 27 Cincinnati


Sept. 5 North Carolina

Sept. 12 Northern Illinois

Sept. 19 at Virginia Tech


Sept. 3 Bowling Green

Sept. 17 at Oklahoma

TBA Tulsa


Sept. 16 Oklahoma

Sept. 23 at North Carolina


Sept. 8 Cincinnati

Sept. 15 at TCU


Sept. 21 TCU


Sept. 17 At Texas


Sept. 16 Texas

Fans have got to be encouraged about the renewed importance of playing good OOC schedules. Although these games are pretty far off and anything can happen it should still be a really high profile match up with Texas and possibly even TCU. If nothing else it will be great recruiting tools for High School FB rich Texas that Coach Meyer can use to his advantage.


  1. waiting for that big time SEC team to be scheduled soon (Bama, LSU, Florida etc.)

  2. I dont think it will happen any time soon. OSU just backed out of a home and home series with Georgia. Getting Bama or LSU of UF to a home and home will prob never happen. You might get a one off neutral site game like TTUN had with Bama and Wisky is trying to get with Bama though.

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