Blogpoll – Week 6

Where to start? So many teams lost yesterday some were tough losses and some were really bad losses. There are 124 teams in FBS Div. 1 and we still have 16 teams that haven’t suffered a loss yet. Of those 16 teams 15 are ranked UTSA has yet to play anyone worthy enough to get them ranked. So in my top 25 there are 15 teams who are undefeated and 10 teams who have suffered one loss. It is way to soon to rank any 2 loss teams so thats why TTUN isnt ranked as of yet.

I think I will start off defending my poll by discussing Ohio St. Let me start by saying I am a fan first and foremost. OSU has some issues still but 2 straight top 25 wins is impressive for a team that went 6-7 last year and is currently at 6-0. Braxton Miller is unbelievable he is a Cam Newton/Vince Young type player in as much as OSU is never out of any game and he can win games all by himself if needed. Thankfully OSU is showing he isnt the only guy they have who is a straight up BALLER. The defense needs help but for this year they are good enough to help us win a ton of games.

Who I think will play for the NCG if it was played tomorrow…. Bama and Oregon. Having said that the game isnt tomorrow so there is still a chance neither or both will be there. Other teams that have a legit shot at the game are WVU, Florida, South Carolina, and Notre Dame. The rest of the undefeated teams are likely to be left out over a one loss team.

Lastly I would like to rank the BCS conferences again.

1.) Big 12
2.) SEC
3.) Pac 12
4.) B1G
5.) Big East
6.) ACC

Yeah I did just say the Big East is a better conference then the ACC and all those teams that jumped ship to see how much better the ACC is then the Big East are starting to question their decision making skills.

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