Buckeyes Rout Cornhuskers, 63-38

For five games now, we have been talking of seeing the Buckeyes play a full sixty minute game. No slow starts, no lazy defense. Just pedal to the metal, mistake free football.

Well, we still haven’t seen that, but this evening’s NINE TOUCHDOWN outburst from all sides of the ball is all we can ask for.

Just to be a nitpicker: The excessive penalties were frustrating and unnecessary and the few big plays the defense gave up were of the tear-your-hair-out variety but ultimately didn’t deep six a spirited performance by Braxton Miller and the Ohio State offense (after sputtering the first few times with the ball). It wasn’t perfect by any stretch.

But come on, that all pales in comparison to what this team did once it got rolling. Almost 500 yards of offense, an average of 7.7 yards per carry on the ground and defensive and special team scores. OH AND SIXTY-THREE POINTS.

This wasn’t just revenge. This was a reckoning.

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