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We were approached by the Michigan State blog to participate in a little Question and Answer with them. We usually don’t do these sorts of things, but thought “what the hay!” and went along for the ride. Answers were provided by our blogger SYR. Here are the questions Banks of the Red Cedar asked us, and our replies:

1.) Last year, MSU came to the horseshoe and defeated OSU 10-7. Will it be as low-scoring of a game this year?

So I can’t say it enough about the OSU offense this year — it is light years ahead of where it was last year. We aren’t a one-trick pony like many like to think, either. Sure, Braxton is our main cog but we have RBs and WRs who can and are playmakers. On the other side, though, OSU’s defense is pretty much exactly where they were last year — not as good as past OSU’s defenses. I don’t think this will be a defensive battle, so no, it will be higher scoring for sure.

2.) Braxton Miller is getting a lot of hype this year. Is he as good as people think he will be? Why or why not?

Braxton is as legit as can be. He has the ability to make every play something special. He also is just a true sophomore, learning a new system and does make mistakes. He is way ahead of where he was last year and is showing the kind of things that puts him in the Heisman conversation this year, let alone the next two. Braxton is completeing 62% of his passes and has a QB rating of 146. On top of that, he is averaging 6.6 yards per carry. He has seven passing TDs, two INTs and seven rushing TDs.

3.) The Buckeyes have started slow over the past couple games, but finished off on a very high note. Are the Buckeyes as good as they are made out to be?

The Buckeyes are good but not great. They went through a year of hell last year. They have a new coaching staff with new coaching schemes. They are extremely young, playing 14 true freshman. Offensively they are much improved but still have lulls in their game. Defensively they are similar to last year, they still don’t have good enough talent for OSU standards at the LB position. Having said all that, they are 4-0 and nowhere near as bad as most OSU fans seem to want to think they are. They also aren’t perfect either and are having some growing pain.

4.) What under the radar player should MSU be watching out for on Saturday?

On offense, I would say it is Jordan Hall and Corey Brown. You will see a lot of sweep plays and option with those guys and Braxton. If Carlos Hyde plays, he is a bruiser back.

On Defense I would say the DL is really good. Ryan Shazier is a stud at LB but is prone to overplaying and making mistakes. MSU should avoid Bradley Roby at all costs, he is a star.

5.) Is Urban Meyer doing as good as you thought he would be?

Hard to say. I think most of us imagined he would just use his magic genie lamp and make the team better. This team is still full of players who went 6-7 last year. He has made major improvements on the offense for sure. He will get the players he needs to fix the defense as well.

6.) What is the thing you’re most worried to play against when it comes to MSU?

OSU is better prepared to stop a team like MSU. MSU is smash mouth football. If we can contain Le’Veon Bell OSU will win the game. If they don’t, they won’t. So controlling MSU’s running game is the most worrisome thing for me.

7.) Give us your best score prediction.

This is our first road game of the year and under Coach Meyer and lots of unknowns. On one hand I think OSU wins with a score of 24-12. The other is extremely nervous and thinks OSU may lose 17-6.

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