Blogpoll – Week 4

Four weeks into this glorious college football season and I think the better teams are starting to separate themselves. Some of the better teams are surprising and others were expected. Some teams many expected to be good are really bad. Some of the teams expected to be bad are honestly pretty good. And that folks is what makes CFB so exciting each and every year.

Time for me to explain my thought process. I value winning more then anything else. I do however recognize that some great teams will and do lose games. If you lose a game to another great team I will value that. I wish I could honor every undefeated team before I rank teams with losses but a few of the undefeated teams haven’t played anyone tough enough to make the list over teams with losses to other great teams.

I think I should discuss Notre Dame first. Let me just say I am not a Notre Lame fan and hate that I have to rank them so high. But dad gummit they are a pretty good football team. Surprisingly their defense is the best part of their team. Coach Brian Kelly is more known for his offensive juggernauts so I am sure he will find a way to get the offense up to speed and matching Manti Te’o and his defensive cohorts.

Florida St. did the one thing they haven’t been able to the past few years beat a really good team and prove they are worthy of their ranking. Their schedule looks pretty easy the rest of the way so maybe just maybe they will fulfill their trip back to glory this year.

The Big Ten has proven to be worthy of a few more ranked teams. They however are not TTUN with their second huge letdown on National TV. They also aren’t going to be MSU and their bad showing against Eastern Michigan or Nebraska and their blow out of Idaho St. (Are they div. 3?) It will be Northwestern and Minnesota so lets show them some love they along with Ohio St. are carrying the leagues banner at least for now.

USC, Oklahoma, and Clemson are the lone one loss teams in the rankings. These teams are great teams who just happened to lose to other great teams. They will have chances to prove they belong in the great ranks going forth.

I also thought I would add a brief rankings of the BCS conferences just for fun and for some insight as to where I rank teams based on their conference powers as well.

1.) Big 12
2.) Pac 12
3.) SEC
4.) B1G
5.) ACC
6.) Big East


  1. I can’t believe I’m about to type this:

    I’m okay if Florida State wins a National Championship this year.

    Wow that really hurt to type. I need to go put my fingers in some bleach.

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