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Eight days and counting.

I figure we’ll just get this one out of the way, since it just hit this wire last night (while I’ve been writing this, actually): Ohio State reinstates Storm Klein. Urban Meyer said, “I have spoken extensively to members of both families and that has prompted me to reassess his situation and allow him back.”

Judging by the immediate reaction on Twitter, this wasn’t the most popular decision of Urban Meyer’s short tenure. He’s catching flack for having said his discipline was going to be unwavering and is trying to shed his “win at any cost” image. People don’t think he’s sticking to his word already.

I’m of the belief that this reinstatement is more symbolic than about “winning”. I don’t know how much Storm Klein was going to see the field in pressure situations, with Curtis Grant holding the starting spot at MLB anyway. Sure, Klein will have a spot on this team, but I’m not sure what his “contributions” will amount to when it’s all said and done. That, and I hope whatever he is dealing with personally is something that will be taken care in the proper manner.

It’s no secret that Urban Meyer has not been impressed with the wide receivers he has at his disposal going into this season. Using terms like “non-functional” do not instill faith or confidence. At least that was before fall camp started. Now things are looking better. MotSaG favorite Devin Smith (he’s the Frank Caliendo of the 2012 Buckeye football team) most definitely embodies this improvement. As Pat Brennan writes in the Lantern:

A single moment on the first day of practice helped send the receivers on the road to being a functional group, and it was sophomore Devin Smith’s route heard ‘round fall camp that appears to have turned the tide.

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

Tim May writes about the change for Chris Carter, moving from the offensive side of the ball to the defensive. Says the 355 pound manchild:

“I do think that (nose tackle) is my true position, and I am glad that I have the chance to play that now,” Carter said. “To me, it’s just all about pure aggression and go. It’s not having to think about the constant pieces of a play. It’s a lot less thinking; it’s a lot more of just go, kick the butt of the guy across from you and get in the backfield.”

We can argue about who’s Linebacker U (spoiler: It won’t be Penn State for a long time) but I don’t think there’s any argument who’s going to be Defensive Linemen U this year.

No college athletes were harmed (or paid) in the making of this paragraph: 8 Ohio State football jerseys for sale to start the season. All you need to worry about is that you can pick up your #54 John Simon jersey at your nearest fine Buckeye retail establishment. The wearer of the jersey can tackle anyone within a five yard radius at no penalty at all to the wearer.

Because we are the Blog of Record for all things Vernon Gholston, we were happy to hear that he’s getting a shot with the St. Louis Rams.

Some Buckeye Blogging (if you happened to miss it): Drew at The Silver Bullet looks at five questions about the 2012 Buckeyes. #5 is of particular interest. Kyle at 11W reports on the monumentous occasion of Jordan Hall stepping out of his boot following his foot surgery earlier this summer. Oh, and don’t forget about the team captains. Those were announced earlier this week, too. The Buckeye Battle Cry has your round up of the captains.

Your daily Joe Paterno reads (and their long ones): At the Atlantic, Allen Barra was not impressed with Joe Posnaski’s book, Paterno. The New Yorker has a long interview with Graham Spanier, former President of Penn State.

And with that, I think I’m done posting links to Joe Paterno stories.

To end on a happier (relatively speaking. Her story is not remotely happy. It will hopefully have a happy ending) note, go read Grantland’s story of “Mo” Isom, the female soccer player trying to earn a spot on LSU’s football team.


  1. Jay Roubini says

    el Kaiser ~thanks, some great links here that would have been missed, fascinating insights into some of the more heavy recent college stories. Glad to have Jason’s more recent hilarious links to balance those out and get on with a fresh new promisingly bright Buckeye future.

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