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As a person who really enjoys the recruiting process and all the drama it produces, the one thing I have always found most difficult to pin down is how big any year’s class can be. If you ask any recruiting expert how big or small any school’s class size will be they will generally give you a range and not a number. How hard can it be to see how many players are on scholarship and how many graduating seniors there are? Therein lies the problem: between players leaving or getting kicked off the team and players jumping early to the NFL and figuring in red shirt years it seems that the math is just too difficult to compute for seemingly smart human beings. So I have set out on a conquest to figure out just how big the Buckeyes 2013 class will be so we can figure out exactly who we will be taking. This is a scientific experiment and as such will have a +/- but I hope to try and get us the most accurate number possible.

So lets do some math (bear with me as I had to take Algebra 3 times in high school due to horrific math skills):

  • OSU is allowed to have 82 players on scholarship for 2013. (Thanks a lot NCAA)
  • OSU finished 2012 with 81 players on scholarship. (Thanks a lot Stefon Diggs)
  • By my count there are 18 Seniors on Scholarship.
  • Storm Klein kicked off the team.
  • Kenny Hayes leaves the team due to medical reasons.
  • Adam Bellamy has been absent from team activities and was not in official team photo (OSU has NOT confirmed he has left the team but rumors are rampant).
  • I can’t include any JRs who may leave OSU early for the NFL but I dont think we will have any either so I will assume zero will be the number for this experiment.

So here is where we currently sit: 1 + 18 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 22 players in the 2013 class. So far we have 16 members of the 2013 class. That leaves us with 6 spots left in the class. In my educated opinion that will include 2 linebackers, 2 wide receivers, 1 offensive lineman, and 1 defensive back.

Based on a collection of most of the recruiting experts that I read and listen too (even though they seem to be wrong more then right since Urban took over the team) I am going to make an educated guess as to who we fill up those 6 spots with. Based on the last 5-6 guys who joined the team though I am sure I will be dead wrong.


1. Mike Mitchell is a 6’4″ 220 lbs LB from Plano Texas and is rated the 121st best player in the nation by ESPN. Mitchell broke the SPARQ record this summer and is an off the charts athlete he said he plans to visit OSU before he makes his decision.

2a. Daniel McMillian is a 6’2″ 220 lbs LB from Jacksonville, Florida and is rated the 43rd best player in the nation by ESPN. He is currently committed to Florida but has announced he will visit OSU soon and if he gets on campus anything can happen.

2b. Tyquan Lewis is a 6’3″ 225 lbs DE/LB hybrid player rated a 3 star by ESPN. Honestly it seems like he has wanted to commit for a long time but for whatever reason just hasn’t pulled the trigger. He is starting to feel a lot like fellow North Carolina natives Lewis Neal and Josh McNeil who were both heavy OSU leans or commits who were just waiting for SEC offers to flee. OSU is just getting their foothold in NC and a lot of players down there still want to go to SEC/ACC schools.


1. Shelton Gibson is a 5’11” 173 lbs WR from Cleveland, Ohio and is rated as the 196th best player in the nation according to ESPN. Honestly I just don’t know why he hasn’t committed yet. He is as heavy of a lean as you can get.

2a. James Quick is a 6’0″ 180 lbs WR from Louisville, Kentucky and is rated the 57th best player in the nation by ESPN. This one seems to be destined to play for Louisville but never doubt Coach Meyer.

2b. Devon Allen is a 6’0″ 187 lbs WR from Phoenix, Arizona who is a 3 star by ESPN. This one will probably come down to his hose state schools and OSU.

2c. Robert Foster is a 6’3″ 190 lbs WR from Monaca, PA and is rated the 23rd best player by ESPN. This guy has been up and down on his love for OSU but is currently up so who knows.

2d. Tony Stevens is a 6’4″ 184 lbs WR from Orlando, Florida and is rated the 173rd best player in the nation by ESPN. He is currently committed to Florida St. but also has said he will visit OSU and loves Urban Meyer. If he gets to campus look out.


1. Donovan Munger is a 6’3″ 280 lbs DL/OL from Shaker Heights, Ohio who is rated the 281st best player by ESPN. Munger is a DT prospect but projects as an OLman at OSU if he chooses to join the class. Honestly I think that may be the hold up with him.

2. Dorian Johnson is a 6’6″ 285 lbs OT from Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania who is rated the 27th best player in the nation by ESPN. He was a PSU commit before they got destroyed by the NCAA. Recently he said it is down to Pitt and OSU. He fits what Urban wants in body style but I feel like he is more likely to end up at Pitt.


1. Vonn Bell is a 6’0″ 190 lbs Safety from Rossville, Georgia and is rated the 60th best player in the nation by ESPN. Vonn is wanted by just about everyone in the country. It will be tough to get him to leave the south but in Urban we trust.

2. Christopher Worley is a 6’3″ 190 lbs Athlete from Cleveland, Ohio and is not rated by ESPN. Glenville Pipeline is all that needs to be said.

So those are the biggest candidates to fill those last six spots. It will be a slow race for sure as Coach Meyer doesnt seem in a hurry to finish off the class. If I had to guess right now on which six it would be. I would say Mike Mitchell would be the only LB. I think they go three wide receivers with Gibson, Stevens, and Foster. One offensive lineman and I think it will be Munger. One defensive back and I think they will hold a spot for Bell until signing day.

So there you have it folks I did the math for the size of the class and gave the names of possible recruits and finally named who I thought the final six would be. More likely then not I am completely wrong so don’t hold it against me if I am after all I am just a fan and not an expert.

What do you think? How many will we have in this class and who will fill out the class in your opinion?


  1. FYI…

    1. Kenny Hayes just transferred to Michigan State. He will have to sit out this year but will be full go in 2013.

    2. Should Louisville head coach leave at the end of the year…which is what people are saying….OSU will welcome Quick.

    Always have to pencil in 1-2 juniors leaving early…Roby and Hankins are already getting some NFL love. One can also count on some other types of attrition like players getting bounced off the team or transferring due to playing time, etc…

    The ESPN series was a great 4 day commercial for recruits nation wide. The 2012 season will be another “hey, look at me” for perspective recruits.

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