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Welcome fellow Buckeyes to another edition of ICYMI. Things are picking up around these parts, we have begun the machinations for a face lift, we’re starting to get submissions for our new blogger openings, everyone is getting excited about the impending college football season and even the Force of Nature like Urban Meyer couldn’t completely prevent “THE CHECK-IN“.

Go ahead, peruse those pictures, we’ll be here when you get back. As you can see, there should be a couple candidates for the coveted “el Kaiser’s Vernon Gholston Mancrush Award”.

(Speaking of pictures, check out Aaron Craft and Deshaun Thomas’ photo shoot for Ahtlon Sports over on the Ohio State Men’s Basketball Team Facebook Page. Rumor has it that Deshaun Thomas hasn’t missed a jump shoot in like twelve straight days.)

To start things off, we bring your attention to developments in the Storm Klein Situtation. From el Dispatcho:

Attorneys for former Ohio State linebacker Storm Klein today filed a motion for dismissal of misdemeanor charges of domestic violence and assault against their client, citing a private investigator’s interview with the alleged victim in which she recants her story.

As I mentioned in the Bri’onte Dunn situation, it really pays to let things develop, let things sort themselves out. And, in the case of Buckeye players, hope for the best. “OSU coach Urban Meyer has said that if there is a major change in Klein’s situation, he might reconsider the dismissal.” (emphasis added). I think I’d include “charges dropped” as a major change.

Over at the network formerly known as the World Wide Leader, the Big Ten Bloggers put together an informal poll they took of 28 current players in the Big Ten. The results aren’t too surprising. Your very own Urban Meyer is the coach most players would like to play for, Bret Bielema is a giant gasbag that no one likes and Michigan State lives up to their reputation. Check out tomorrow where they reveal that Ohio Stadium is the most intimidating place for an opposing player to play. (There was no mention if they asked any band members where they’re afraid to play).

This was announced a few days ago, but ESPN has made changes to who will be in the booth calling college football games this year. Among the new analysts announced was Ohio State’s own age-less wonder, Joey Galloway.

Also since the last ICYMI, Kenny Hayes has left the team with “recurring headaches” being listed as one of his reasons. Hopefully it’s nothing worse than that.

Finally, and seriously now, to things. One, I can’t stop staring at this picture of Mark Mangino in Buckeye Scarlet.

And now, some words about the 2012 Buckeye Offense from OC Tom Herman (via our pals at Once Guerreros)

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