Tim Gardner becomes recruit no. 16

This newest recruit is pretty unknown to most OSU fans and to those on twitter though he is known as the guy who claimed to be a Buckeye but wasn’t a Buckeye. His story is strange and sad but ended with a story book happy ending. About a month ago he announced on his twitter account that he was OSU bound and was the newest member of the 2013 class the only problem was Ohio State wasn’t ready to accept his commitment. Coach Meyer asked the young man to prove he really wanted his spot and to lose 20 pounds before his next visit to OSU for Friday Night Lights. He did exactly what they asked of him and his commitment was accepted to the relief of him and his family. Crisis averted here is the info on the 16th member of the OSU 2013 recruiting class.

Tim Gardner is a 6’5″ 320 lbs OLman from Indianapolis, IN. According to ESPN he is rated a 3 star Guard who is tough and strong and will bring a physicality to the OL. 247sports and Rivals both have him as a 3 star as well but Scout lists him as a 2 star. He doesn’t really fit the body style OSU has recruited for OL but has shown he is willing to put in the hard work needed to get where they want him.


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