Football Moment Bracket (Round Three): #1 Braxton’s TD Throw (Wisc) vs. #4 Evan Spencer’s One Handed Grab (Akron)

Hi there. You may remember me formerly as el Kaiser’s grand idea of having a little bracket competition of all the great Football Moments of 2011. Man, that was a great idea, wasn’t it? Things got kind of busy for us, but he’s bringing it back just in time for the weekend! We’ve moved on to the third round when things should be getting real interesting.

Round Three: #1 Braxton’s TD Throw (Wisc) vs. #4 Evan Spencer’s One Handed Grab (Akron)

This is sort of a win-win situation for Braxton. He’s going to come away with at least some part of this victory. But you go ahead and vote for your favorite moment between these two.

And I’m not trying to bias anyone’s opinion, but I am STILL getting chills from that Wisconsin play.

#1 Braxton Miller’s Touchdown Throw against Wisconsin:


#4 Evan Spencer’s One Handed Grab (Akron)

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