NCAA does Penn St. a huge favor

After what I assume most of you know by now was devastating sanctions leveled against the PSU football program you must be asking why I think the NCAA did them a favor. Here is my thought process in a nut shell up until 2 days ago most PSU fans and a lot of CFB fans didn’t believe the NCAA would do anything to PSU and that the courts would handle punishing them for their transgressions. But in a 48 hour span Mark Emmert President of te NCAA became judge, jury, and executioner. He relied solely on an outside investigation the Freeh Report.

The NCAA didnt have a long drawn out investigation and dig into all the things PSU may have covered up or to find out what rules may have been broken in the career of Joe Paterno. The NCAA didn’t make PSU and its fans wait months or even years to find out how they will be punished. The NCAA didn’t let a group of corrupt officials make their own findings and punishments. The NCAA allowed Emmert to come up with all of this based on a report payed for by the BOT of PSU. Sure the sanctions are horrendous and difficult to deal with for PSU and its fans. Some will say they are fair and others will say they are unfair but it is done and over with. PSU fans wont have to deal with 10 months of ESPN talking heads saying what they think could happen if the NCAA sanctions them. Below you can see a list of the sanctions levied by the NCAA and judge for yourself the harshness of them. But PSU fans be thankful the NCAA did you a favor and ended this today and didnt drag it out and your school for months or years to come.

Penn State has been hit with a 4-year bowl and-postseason play ban.

Penn State will only be able to award 15 new scholarships per season for each of the next 4 years, for a total of 65 players under scholarship.

Any Penn State football student-athlete who wants to transfer can do so immediately, and without having to sit out a year.

Any Penn State football student-athlete who leaves the football team can still retain their scholarship.

Penn State will vacate all wins from 1998-2011.

Penn State will serve a 5-year probation period, during which it will have to work with an NCAA education officer.

The NCAA is reserving the right to levy penalties on individuals associated with the case.

Penn State has been fined $60 million, which will go into an endowment for children’s causes.

The Big Ten also gave its punishments to PSU today because when there is a pile you better make sure you are on it. PSU is banned from B1G CCG for 4 years and will not be awarded any bowl monies for those 4 years. Roughly 13 million more. All of which will go to charities for children just like the NCAA fines. Penn St. was also hit with censure which means it has NO say on any B1G conference policy discussions.

If you want to see completely irrational and biased opinions on todays sanctions and the whole scandal stop by our friends at Black Shoe Diaries and just read the comments on their articles. Here is hoping they can all find closure soon and at least remember this is all about pedophilia and the cover up there of. If you do anything today remember the poor children who were devastated by the actions of Sandusky and the Big Wigs at PSU including one Joe Paterno.

Here is a video of PSU students reactions to todays sanctions live…. I assume they are so upset about what the kids went through right?

Video via Tony Gerdeman at The Ozone @GerdOzone


  1. Notice the difference between the facial expressions before and after the announcement of the bowl ban and scholarship reductions…

    First announcement was regarding the 60 million dollar payout…virtually no reaction….after hearing the bowl ban….they all look like they just found out their first born son was molested by Jerry Sandusky.

    That is the problem at Penn State. For too many years football trumpted EVERYTHING else. The culture needed to be shaken…and it was today.

  2. They are a sheltered and protected fan base. They are just now realizing the world they believe existed was a sham. People all day have been saying how bad they feel for PSU fans and that anyone who doesnt feel bad for them is a bad person.

    Unless those PSU fans were molested by Sandusky I dont feel a bit sorry for them. They are saddened and angry over football today not pedophilia.

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