Transfers leave bench short

As has been rumored for weeks now JD Weatherspoon and Jordan Sibert have officially asked for and been given their release from their scholarships at The Ohio State University.

Jordan Sibert a 6’4″ SG from Cincinnati is a sophomore with 2 years of eligibility left. Sibert was expected to battle for playing time this past year but lost his battle with Lenzelle Smith Jr. and Sam Thompson. Sibert could never find consistency in his shooting and ended up sitting on the end of the bench for most of the year and was rumored to be very unhappy all year. Coach Matta had this to say about Jordan “Jordan has worked to improve since he became a Buckeye two years ago,” Matta said. “He has represented our program well and we wish him the best.” You can read the entire Ohio State press release here. Rumors are he will end up at Dayton but may also choose a MAC school to be closer to his hometown.

JD Weatherspoon a 6’6″ SF from Columbus is a sophomore with 2 years of eligibility left. Weatherspoon is a pure athlete with serious hops. He was a fan favorite for his dunks and effort but as a whole never developed the skills needed to be a starter. Coach Matta had this to say about JD “J.D. has done everything we’ve asked,” Matta said. “I can relate to a young man’s desire to play. I was in his shoes during my collegiate career. His teammates and our staff appreciate the hard work J.D. has put in to make our team better. We wish him nothing but the best.” You can read the entire Ohio State press release here. As of this moment JD says he doesn’t know where he will transfer to but most expect it to be a MAC school with the possibility of going with Sibert to Dayton where former OSU Asst. Coach Archie Miller is now the Flyers HC. Miller recruited both players to OSU. Archies staff also includes former OSU Assts. as well.

With the departures of these players as well as Sully and Buford to the NBA this leaves OSU with 9 scholarship players for next year. For most coaches this would be panic time but 9 scholarship players is 4 more then Matta likes to use anyhow :). There are really only 2 possibilities for recruits in this years class. Tony Parker a 6’9″ 250 PF from Georgia who isn’t likely to pick OSU next week when he decides. Also Amedeo Della Valle is a 6’5″ 180lb SG from Italy via Findlay Prep. He fills a need as he is a 3 point specialist and a pure shooter. He is currently on an official visit at OSU today. He will decide between OSU and Texas A&M soon.


  1. As a Dayton alumnus, I hope they go to UD and do very well!

  2. This has to be a little bit of a wake up call to Matta.

    His insistence on only playing starters has gotten ridiculous. It is now affecting the attitudes of bench players who do nothing but practice and have to hope for major foul trouble just to get in. And when they do get in, they aren’t ready because the rarely get valuable game time minutes.

    The way Matta uses his bench is short sighted for multiple reasons.

    Now, a 4 star guard and a 3 star forward are headed elsewhere. What good are Matta’s outstanding classes if they never get to play and end up transferring?

  3. @Kade I think you are wrong 🙂 lol

    Here is why…. These guys and all the guys who transfer dont transfer because they want more bench minutes they do it because they want to be starters. Both of these guys would never become starters at OSU because of the way Matta coaches. He plays the guys who are the best people to help him win games. If that means freshman start over experienced guys it happens. Do I wish he used his bench more yes I do but on the other hand his bench isnt good enough to play. Sibert and Weatherspoon are good people but they arent good enough to play at OSU in major minutes.

    Having said that of the players who have transferred out of OSU under Matta name one who has had success else where other then what Olfutt did this year?

    Transferring players has become an epidemic in CBB there are well over 300 players transferring this year alone in Div. 1. This isnt an OSU or Matta issue it is an NCAA issue.

    These guys come in believing they will be one and done to the NBA and find out they arent as good as they thought so they blame the coaches or the system and go elsewhere. You just have to wish them luck and move on to who ever is next.

    Sibert is behind Smith Jr and Sam Thompson so he would never see minutes next year barring injury.

    Weatherspoon is behind DeShaun Thomas and LaQuinton Ross next year so he wouldnt either.

    You hope your starters play 30 mins a game. Your backup gets 7-8 mins a game. 3rd guy gets maybe 1-2 mins a game. There is just no way you can get them all meaningful minutes on a game by game basis IMO.

  4. How on Earth do we know if his bench is good enough to play?

    I really have no idea because guess what?

    They don’t get a chance to play.

    I can’t help but think that Amir Williams AND Ohio State basketball would have benefitted from him playing more minutes earlier in the season.

  5. Jordan Sibert was slated to be a starter this past year. Lenzelle beat him out for the spot in training camp. Then Sam Thompson performed better then him in the non-conf season and worked his way to the back up spot.

    Sibert played 243 minutes this year (even I was shocked it was that high lol)

    He was 24 of 79 shooting for 30%
    He was 13 of 50 from 3 for 26%
    He was 10 of 18 fof FTs for 55%

    These numbers are from a Shooting Guard. His only job was to come in and make a few shots and give someone a couple minutes rest. He failed.

    JD Weatherspoon should have never been offered by OSU he was a combo deal with Sullinger plain and simple.

    Weatherspoon played in 157 minutes this year. He shot 61% but 99% of his shots were dunks. He never made a 3 pointer. Shot 58% from the line. Was never a force as a rebounder or a defender.

    He gives his bench players plenty of chances to show they are worthy of minutes going into B1G play but once he hits there he knows his rotation and who he trusts with the ball.

    Sam Thompson and Lenzelle earned their playing mins while JD and Jordan faultered and lost their mins to Evan Ravenel and Sam Thompson and Lenzelle.

  6. I just went and compared OSU and UK mins to see if Matta is out of the norm.

    OSU had 9 players who had over 200 mins playing time this year.

    UK had 7 players who had over 200 mins.

    OSU had 2 players who played less then 100 mins Trey McDonald and Q Ross (who didnt play the entire season).

    UK had 4 players who played less then 100 mins.

    I just wonder if Calipari takes criticism for not playing his bench players more?

    I also checked the all the top 5 teams in the final poll Matta played his bench guys as much or more then all of them. FWIW

  7. Actually those two transferring means nothing as they weren’t going to play anyway…

    Calipari wins titles and does so by buying players. There is a reason he will be going to the Knicks…

    Sorry, I’m not fine with playing 6 players and giving them a majority of the minutes going into two long season ending tournaments.

    Matta is an amazing recruiter, but his in game adjustments and rotation management are flat out terrible.

  8. My point is that Matta plays as many players as everyone else in CBB if not more than most.

    He has gotten a rep for not playing his bench but the numbers say otherwise.

  9. Bench Minutes vs. opponents

    OSU: 29
    Kansas: 28

    OSU: 20
    Syracuse: 55

    OSU: 20
    Cinci: 31

    OSU: 27
    Gonzaga: 52

    OSU: 24
    MSU: 48

    OSU: 46
    TSUN: 49

    OSU: 32
    Kansas: 45 (1st game)

    Thad Matta doesn’t play his bench…not nearly enough. When you have HS All-Americans sitting on your bench and not playing….that’s a problem.

  10. I consider 5 B1G titles and 2 F4s and 20+ win seasons in all 8 years he has been OSUs HC to declare his style of bench playing as not a problem.

    Do the bench players get a chance to prove they deserve minutes? Yes

    Does he stick with his best players in the biggest games? Yes

    Did we win most of those games you listed? Yes

    Could he play his bench more? Yes

    Can you argue with the success he has had? Sure but why lol

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