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Times are getting exciting for Ohio State fans leading up to the 2012 Spring Game.  Newly minted head coach Urban Meyer has finally gotten a chance to get his players out on the field to evaluate talent and figure out his depth chart.  Although Coach Meyer is still not finding his “playmakers” on offense, the defense already looks poised to return to dominating fashion this coming year.  Several photo galleries and video clips also confirm the effect new Strength and Conditioning staff has had on this team, as nearly all the players look to be in far better shape, faster and stronger than last season.  After this team went a dismal 6-7 last year, I think all OSU fans want to see our Buckeyes return to the glory we’ve been spoiled with over the past decade.  They have a ways to go and we may not fully see what this team is capable of for another year or so, but all signs seem to point in a positive direction.  I know I’ve got my ticket for the Spring Game and can’t wait to see what we look like!  Go Bucks!

Some of the interesting things I’ve found recently are some fascinating discussions on the offensive play-calling that we can expect to see with our Buckeyes.  Although we may be a year or two away from these plays being perfected, it’s pretty cool to see the creativity this new coaching staff will bring to the table in the coming months and seasons.  Below, I have linked to several stories about practices, how players are handling and adapting to the new coaching staff, as well as the spread blog posts I mentioned above.  Enjoy!

Ohio State Football Team News

Posts on the Spread and Other Play-calling

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