Buckeyes Headed to The Final Four

So after 40 minutes of that maddening zone defense, dozens of questionable calls (both ways!) and the gritiest clutchiness from Lenzelle Smith, Jr. and the Buckeyes are on their way to the Final Four.

Basketball in general is an extremely stressful sport to be a fan of. Every single possession carries with it such pressure. Come tournament time, it becomes excrutiating. I really don’t know how these kids do it. But that was a really good game. Of course it makes it better that Ohio State won 77-70. (And if you aske me, beating Boeheim makes it that much better)

We haven’t covered the Buckeyes basketball team this year for a variety of reasons, but we’ve never stopped rooting for them. We’ve also still haven’t stopped waiting for Buford to have that game. But we know it’s coming.

So congratulations to the 2011-12 Ohio State Buckeyes. Good luck to them next week. We’ll be cheering (with one hand covereing our eyes the whole time).


  1. Seven Years! says:

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