March Madness Pregame Warm up: Cal Scruby – The Nation

As an Ohio State blogger, we have a steady stream of OSU-related email come accross our desks, promoting everything under the sun. Being the big fans we are, we try to spread the love when it’s something we enjoy or think it’s something that you, our loyal readers, would benefit from or enjoy.

One of the hardest things to decide on sharing is the music related stuff we get. A lot of the college athletic-based music out there is not very good. The hip-hop stuff is usually even worse.

That is definitely not the case with this track from Cal Scruby. Who is Cal?

Cal Scruby is an up and coming hip-hop artist and Junior engineering major at Ohio State University. He just made this video to support OSU in March Madness…

Here’s the YouTube video:

While you’re enjoying to The Nation, check out previews for tonight’s game against the Cincinatti Bearcats at Eleven Warriors, Inside the Shoe, Our Honor Defend and The Buckeye Battle Cry.

Join us later for a live, in-game chat.

Go Bucks!

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