MotSaG Presents: The Greatest 2011 Football Moment Bracket

Starting today, and mirroring the rounds of the NCAA tournament, we will be voting on the best football moments of 2011. (Stop, don’t laugh, there were a lot of them.)

These moments (not plays, as a couple of these are not a single play, but a moment in time) were chosen and ranked with a variety factors in mind: how that moment affected the outcome of the game, how big of a “Are you kidding me?” moment it was, and if that will be a moment we’ll tell our kids in a decade.

The team here has painstakingly pored over the highlights (again, stop snickering) of the 2011 season and have ranked them #1-16 and will pit them against each other in a bracket format over the next couple of weeks. You, the fearless MotSaG reader will be able to vote for your favorite plays and in the end, we will crown one moment The 2011 Greatest Football Moment of All Time.


  1. Good stuff. These selections will be a lot more fun than my BNN Tourney picks…

  2. OK, back with my 2nd cup of coffee; s/b BBN. gawd.

  3. Thanks, Ken. This was a lot of fun to put together.

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