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As the newest writer at Men of the Scarlet and Gray, I am honored to have this opportunity to contribute in a small way to Buckeye Nation.  I didn’t have the privilege of attending OSU, but I have bled scarlet and gray for years and look forward to sharing that passion here on this site.  One of the things I enjoy is finding a wide-ranging perspective on the breaking stories we hear about our beloved Buckeyes.  On my Twitter account (@Buckeye_JJ, excuse the shameless plug), I often publish links to similar stories taken from websites across the country.  This helps in seeing the national perspective on our team, as well as occasionally uncovering an interesting perspective we may not get here in the Buckeye State.

Preiodically, I’ll be publishing a rundown of some of these stories broken down into the following categories:  Ohio State Football Team news, Ohio State Football Coaching news and Ohio State Football Recruiting news.  I’ll also try to share a quick story that I’ve heard or have an opinion on.

If you’re like me, you are beyond excited to see what’s happening in Columbus these days.  Not only have we gotten one the best football coaches in college football, he’s not disappointed in his drive, passion and commitment to change.  Although rumors circulated that the current players were not initially happy with this new mindset, it’s been exciting to watch how quickly even that has turned around.

Coach Meyer’s desire is to have the most competitive group of young men on the gridiron each and every fall.  Below, I feature several links to stories and videos about how the players are reacting to this offseason regiment.  But, to me, the most gratifying example of this is to follow the players on Twitter  and watch how they are responding each day.  Players are excited to workout, hungry to improve and seem to be enjoying the process, the coaches and each other along the way.  The coaches also seem to be playing up to it as evidenced by new Assistant AD for Football Sports Performance, Mickey Marotti’s (@CoacMickMarotti) comments, “Great workout this morning, Buckeye Nation should be proud. Not as many Loafs today … at the WHAC” (see story below for more details).

This has even filtered down to things outside the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.  Take for example, Cardale Jones (@Cordale10) who stated recently, “Class at 9:30 can’t wait to see what I got on my math exam from Wednesday” to which he responded with “96 and whatever on my math exam.”  For a student athlete who has struggled with academics in the past, it sounds as if he is even winning in the classroom. That’s a very good sign to me.  Go Bucks!

Ohio State Football Team News

Ohio State Football Coaching News

Ohio State Football Recruiting News


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