MotSaG’s Annual NCAA Tournament Pick ‘Em (Updated)

As you have undoubtedly noticed, content here at Men of the Scarlet and Gray has slowed to a trickle. This is normally a dead time for our mostly-football Ohio State blog but that doesn’t mean we aren’t fans of our Buckeye Cagers nor are we March Madness averse. We want to get our community engaged during this time of the year, and the best way for us to do that is our annual March Madness NCAA pick ’em.

Please join us by joining our Yahoo Tourney Pick’em here. The password is “vernon”. Because of course it is.

We don’t have any prizes to offer this year besides the undying adulation of your Buckeye brethren. Do it for the glory.

Don’t disgust Tom Crean.

Update: While we might not have any prizes for the MotSaG Pick ‘Em, the Buckeye Bloggers Network is also holding a contest with real honest to goodness prizes. Read about how to join here.

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