National Signing Day: The Aftermath

With National Signing Day in the books, the finest football minds of America’s basements decided to pool their impressive brainpower and share their insights and thoughts of the day’s results. We decided to throw our $0.02 in as well.

As most of you almost certainly don’t know, I’m not one to follow recruiting all that much. I learned my lesson when I got all pumped about Erik Haw from NCAA Football ’04 or something and then never seemed to see the guy in a Buckeye uniform. Which was a damned shame because he was a BEAST in that game.

However, with a new staff taking over and going to work flipping recruits from Dantonio, Bielema, and whoever’s coaching Penn State (like it matters) it was hard to stay completely detached. When other Buckeye Bloggers started asking for thoughts, well, we couldn’t just let that opportunity pass.

  • Who are you most excited to see in the Scarlet and Gray?  – I’m curious to see how Bri’onte Dunn does in Urban’s offense. He’s a big kid and when I think of Urban’s usual backs I think of shifty little dudes like Demps or Harvin. Imagine Beanie in that system. Besides the players I’m pretty pumped about seeing Urban Meyer on the sidelines and – a little sentimentally – Fickell as well. Considering what he went through it’s amazing he stayed sane throughout the whole thing.
  • Who makes an immediate impact from the 2012 class?  Really any of the offensive linemen. Since the cupboard was pretty bare after last season that seems to be an optimal place for someone to step up. That or any of the beasts on the defensive line. B1G quarterbacks had better get used to the training room. I imagine a certain lineman who will be playing up North will spend a lot of time being tossed around come November.
  • Who do you wish that OSU hadn’t “missed” on? Honestly – and I may be the worst person to ask about this because I don’t follow recruiting as much as a lot of you clowns – I don’t have a single complaint. But it’s way too early in the process to start saying, “If only we’d gotten that guy” because none of these newbies have played a down of college football yet.

For other and potentially better perspectives from the Buckeye Bloggers Network:



  1. nicely done….. recruiting isnt for everyone either you love it or it doesnt matter to you. It can be very addictive though 🙂

  2. I also suffer from Post Haw Recruiting Indifference Syndrome, or rather I don’t suffer. I care about who we get and that’s it. If Dodson had shouted “USC!” at the end of his chant yesterday I would have been disappointed only for two reasons: 1) I hate poor rhyming and 2) I would have sat through Meg’s Coach for nothing.


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