Camren Williams chooses the real LBU

Dear Penn St. fans, Urban Meyer may have at one point been a candidate to replace JoePa and he may or may not have used his time on campus interviewing for the job to secretly check out all your recruits and your strategies to land those recruits. What we do know for sure is Coach Meyer has a real affinity for your 2012 recruiting class and has stolen yet another member of it.

Camren Williams is a 6’2″ 215 lbs 4* Linebacker from West Roxbury, MA. Camren was committed to play LB at PSU until he switched his commitment to Ohio state today via Twitter. Camren Williams was the heart and soul of the 2012 PSU recruiting class and Penn St. fans are none to happy to see his flipping. What many PSU fans fail to realize is that although at one point in time their school was known as LBU times have changed and I and others will argue that OSU has had a much better history of LBs. Camren brings speed and size and intelligence to the LB position that Urban Meyer needs. He becomes the 23rd member of the 2012 recruiting class. PSU fans should worry because urban may not be done as Camrens HS teammate and God brother Armani Reeves was on OSU campus the last 2 days and has an offer to join this OSU class as well. So the news may only get worse for PSU and better for OSU.


  1. I believe that the officials just credited posluszny with another tackle. #neverforget

  2. Zombie JoePa looked great in that picture.

  3. Dear Penn State,

    All your recruits are belong to us.

  4. Jay Roubini says

    When do you start to feel uncomfortable about stealing “the heart and soul” of another team? Might be what it takes to play with a LSU or Bama in a few years. Appears this could be a class you’d like to see competing against an out of conference schedule as tough some of those Mid American teams like Toledo or Eastern Michigan.

  5. @Jay- You never feel uncomfortable for defeating an opponent. Competing against teams is what sports is all about. Urban is doing his job and doing it well. The same can’t be said about PSU and its part-time head coach.

  6. I don’t feel uncomfortable at all. Speculating, that the PSU shitsorm, which it brought upon itself, had something to do with those recruits who “re-commited” to Ohio State.

    This is not about ‘stealing hearts and souls’, this is about offering a more attractive option than what they were facing at PSU.

  7. jay roubini says

    @ken like your “offering a more attractive option” SYR is nothing short of a primordial beast when reporting on these sharks recruiting the B1G waters. LOL


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