Bri’onte is a Dunn deal

Urban Meyer had OSU RB commit Bri’onte Dunn come to OSU last weekend and gave him a complete look at what the OSU offense could be if he was a part of it. That look wasn’t the same thing that the University of Michigan Brady Hoke was saying OSU would use. Coach Hoke and his employees and the fans of the team for weeks now have been saying Urban Meyer can’t and won’t ever have a 1000 yard RB and that his offense isn’t suited for a big RB like Dunn. All this and the thought of not being a featured back at OSU had to give Dunn some doubt. Coach Meyer made sure the first person he called after getting the NCAA waiver to recruit was Bri’onte Dunn and he made sure to let him understand he has never had a RB like him but that he could flourish in the kind of offense he runs. He explained to him the misnomer that he doesn’t like or use traditional B1G type RBs. It took a few phone calls and a weekend visit followed up by an in-home visit tonight by Coach Meyer but he was able to sell him on the system and the school and tonight Bri’onte Dunn has reaffirmed his commitment to OSU 100% and Coach Meyer is going to try and help Dunn enroll early next month like he has always wanted. The bottom line is Dunn always wanted to be a Buckeye and he just needed to know Coach Meyer wanted him to be his RB of the future. Once again Meyer has proven he is a top notch recruiter and a force to be reckoned with in the midwest and throughout the country.


  1. Jay Roubini says

    SYB~thanks for the recruiting updates, this pace is certainly getting the attention of conference coaches, heads must be spinning. Urban brings an SEC style intensity not accustom to folks up here. Perhaps if he latches on to a certain Alabama QB they’ll realize how much change is possible and that would be great for the conference. Now to get a more exciting OOC schedule, things on my wish list!

  2. @Jay- I have to admit I love recruiting almost as much as the football games themselves. Where as most people think recruiting class rankings are irrelevant I think they are a sign of how hard your coach is working at his job.

    Tressel Did a pretty awesome job recruiting. I dont think he ever had a class ranked lower then mid 20s with plenty in the top 5 or 10. Tressel though always sold recruits on the history and prestige of playing at OSU. This along with his Senator like persona was great for recruiting Ohio and surrounding areas. It wasn’t so great with kids who want flashy fast talking hip speaking coach. Urban is selling Urban along with the history and prestige of OSU. He is younger and more in touch with the kids he is recruiting. He is a players coach much like Pete Carrol was at USC.

    Urban will recruit Ohio guys and B1G type players but he is surely going to mix in more nationally relevant recruits from all corners and he is going to assemble a coaching staff that is going to recruit there butts off with ties to certain areas of the country.

    Tressel and Fickell were our best recruiters. No more will we have old guys like Dick Tressel and Jim Bollman sitting in recruits houses trying to convince them they can relate to them.

    Recruiting is important much more so then player development. If it wasnt true Iowa would have 7 straight B1G titles and 6 BCS wins :). Not that we cant develop players because we can and will and have. But I will take 5 five stars over 5 no or 1 or 2 stars every time.

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