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I just realized why having the Ohio State/Michigan game during Thanksgiving weekend — it will be really hard to have more than five uninterrupted minutes of blogging time in between Thanksgiving dinner, its subsequent sleepy time and the impending Black Friday pilgrimage that the lady folk of the Kaiser clan make early Friday morning, leaving me, your humble blogger, with the task of coralling the kids for the entire day. So this year’s preview will be brief. I hope as the second longest tenured blogger in the rivalry (as far as I can tell) I get that lee-way. Next year someone else in the MotSaG family can deal with this.

So considering everything that has happened over the past 12 months/3 months/11 games, we are about to test the eternal truth — can a victory against Michigan erase the pain of a lackluster season? Can playing spoiler once in a decade still bring satisfaction? Discussions I’ve had with fellow Buckeye fans have all had a familiar line of reasoning — yes, we’ve had some recent success against Michigan but they still haven’t suffered. 2-10-1 takes a long time to get over for those of us who lived through it.

The recent news lessens the blow of this gut-punch of a season but there is still a chance for this season to end happily. Beating Michigan will certainly help that.

If it’s previews you’re looking for, you can always read 11 Warrior’s. If you want to know what the enemy thinks, with all their hopes and dreams riding on The Game, go read MGoBlog. And because there’s a good chance Michigan could prevail, consider this from Brian:

Win will cause me to… I don’t even know anymore. Michigan has never won The Game in the history of this blog.

And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

I’ve got Ohio State playing the spoiler for the first time in forever. OSU 21 UM 17



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