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I will go into more details later this week about the OSU vs Indiana game that we saw yesterday. Brief synopsis OSU can run the football really well and can pass the ball really badly. Nothing new there it has been the case all year. Defensively they continue to have let downs on occasion but do enough to win games. I will have a lot more on that later. Special Teams continues to be the most consistent part of this team. A win is a win right?

Around the B1G Iowa showed what most Non-scUM fans already knew this team is pretty much the same it has been the last few years. They are improved some but still have a ways to go and Denard still sucks at the QB position. Before the year started I picked Northwestern to win their division. Yesterday they finally showed me why I made such a bold prediction beating Nebraska in Lincoln. MSU escaped with a win against a revitalized Minnesota team. Wisconsin showed Purdue what a cornered Badger will do and Monte Ball proved he is a 1st team all B1G RB. Penn St. had the week off but I will have a note about them at the end.

The “Game of the Century” proved to be a worse game then PSU vs Illinois. Both Bama and LSU didnt score a TD as LSU won on a FG in OT 9-6. If ESPN thinks this is awesome football they would love B1G football but they really hate defensive games with horrible offenses right Mark May? The SEC bias is so huge they are drooling over a horribly executed football game.

Penn State fans before you go nuts posting replies on this post realize Pennsylvania State Law requires any suspected Child Molestation to be reported to the Dept. of Public Welfare by oral communication within 24 hours and written communication in 48 hours. So many people at PSU broke this law when they didn’t report Jerry Sandusky raping of a suspected 10 year old boy in the Football locker room witnessed by a Graduate Asst. back in 2002. JoePa was told and just casually passed the info onto his boss who had an interview with the Grad Asst. and then shoved the info under the rug. Joe Pa and several others in the know never contacted police and just “Banned Sandusky from bringing kids to campus” basically saying hey go rape kids just don’t do it in our locker room showers any more please. This story is just breaking and if even 1% of it is true is without a doubt the most horrific scandal to ever happen in the NCAA. If you want more info on this story read HERE and HERE as this story continues to unravel it will only get worse so look for more on this story later in the week.


  1. The PSU story is disgusting on so many levels.

    If true, Sandusky should be killed…violently.

    If true, everyone that knew about it and didn’t report it TO THE POLICE should be fired.

    That includes the head coach.

    This has nothing to do with football and everything to do with being a decent human being.

  2. The “game of the century” drew an 11.9 tv rating….

    The REAL “Game of the Century” OSU vs scUM in 2006 drew a 13.0 take that SEC and ESPN and CBS.

  3. The first report of any wrong doing between Sandusky and kids on PSU facilities happened in 1998…

    He was allowed in PSU facilities to coach 4th graders in 2009.

    WTF is wrong with every single person that knew about this at PSU?

    How many kids were abused by Sandusky needlessly? How does anyone involved sleep at night, wake up in the morning and look at themselves in the mirror?

    Truly sick…

  4. @Kade the more we learn the worse it gets.

    Sandusky was forced to resign by JoePa in 1997 because of a child molestation case but he was allowed unfettered access to PSU for 5 more years with his victims.

    Then in 2002 They banned him from bringing any kids to campus but still let him have unfettered access to campus and the PSU football program.

    Finally they just banned him from campus completely this past weekend 14 years after PSU officials including JoePa knew he was a pedophile.

    I dont care what anyone of the PSU fans say JoePa is complicit and a huge part of the cover up. Shame on him and those defending his actions.

  5. I am friends with a couple Penn State fans…

    Since the whole tattoo scandal, they have been brutal…

    I’m guessing they won’t utter the words “cheater” or “tattoo” ever again…

  6. The best part of this sad situation is PSU fans flaming out defending the indefensible…

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