Ohio State vs. Indiana Preview

So 2011 has been a roller coaster of a year for the Buckeyes. After a huge win over Wisconsin last week you just hope as a fan that OSU wont have a huge letdown and run off the tracks killing everyone on board. The good news is OSU has a flat track in front of them in the 1-8 Indiana Hoosiers. Their only win on the season coming against Div. Who knows South Carolina State. Indiana may very well be the worse team OSU has faced this year if not in the last 20 years. Their defense is horrible at 114th in the nation in points allowed at 36.2 points a game. their offense is nearly as anemic at 89th in the country scoring 23.2 points a game.

On offense the Hoosiers have turned the QB spot over to Tre Roberson a 6’1″ 184 lb. true freshman from Indianapolis. He is a dual threat QB with good speed and accuracy. He is completing 60% of his passes while rushing for 4.3 yards a rush. He has 4 total TDs on the season. His main issue will be WR. Late last week Indiana kicked DeMarlo Belcher off the team due to breaking team rules. They also lost their 3rd WR Duwyce Wilson to injury for the rest of the season. Offensive juggernaut they will not be.

On defense the Hoosiers are just plain awful. They can’t stop the run or pass with any consistency and they give up points by the handful all day long. They are led on defense by Ohio native Adam Replogle. Replogle has 39 tackles and 4 sacks on the year.

Ohio State will be without Devier Posey (suspension), Jaamal Berry (suspension), and most likely Jordan Hall (injury). If ever there was a week to let Braxton Miller throw the ball 20+ times this is it. The game should be a glorified spring game giving them a chance to keep Braxton’s on the job training moving forward. Boom Herron and Carlos Hyde will carry the workload of the running game which should please Hyde who has been down since losing his carries. Hopefully both will get 15+ carries in the game. Defensively OSU needs to work on closing out games strongly so look for Coach Fickell to work hard at keeping them focused and determined to keep the Hoosiers off the scoreboard.

So that leaves us with the weekly questions……

1.) Will OSU pitch a shutout on defense?
2.) Will OSU score any defensive or ST TDs?
3.) How many passing attempts will Braxton get?
4.) Who has more yards Boom or Hyde?
5.) What is the final score?
6.) Per SportsMonkey’s request a bonus question….. Will Guiton see any playing time this week?


  1. 1) Shutout: Unlikely… Indiana’s only been held to single-digits once this season.

    2) Defensive or ST TDs: OSU’s had a hard time doing that all year. With Hall out this weekend, I don’t think so.

    3) Miller PA: I think they’ll take him up to 18 or so attempts. Nothing fancy.

    4.) Boom/Hyde: Boom should get an easy 100+ before Hyde ramps up and gets close to 100. Miller should get plenty, too.

    5.) Final score: My wishy-washy self has two predictions: If they keep improving and the momentum from the past couple of games: OSU 45-10. If there’s a letoff or if Indiana comes to play (like they did against PSU): OSU 27-17.

    6.) You didn’t ask a #6, but here’s hoping Guiton gets some garbage time experience.

  2. 1.) I am going to predict it. With the Hoosiers losing 2 of top 3 WRs and OSU run defense improved we will get the shutout.

    2.) I say they will get 1 pick 6 and 1 ST TD

    3.) I think Braxton will get 22 pass attempts completing 16

    4.) I think Hyde will get more yards 115 to Booms 84.

    5.) This will be the complete game OSU needs to keep momentum going. OSU 52-0.

    6.) Dang you are right Monkey…. I think Guiton gets at most 3 series at the end of the 4th qtr. Miller needs all the game experience he can get so Fick and Co. keep him in longer then needed.

  3. 1.) Tough call since we’ll be deep into the roster by mid-fourth quarter, but if there’s going to be another shutout this year, it’s going to be tomorrow.

    2.) Surprisingly, IU has only given up one return TD this year, so I’ll no on ST since we’re without Hall. Maybe on defense though, since they’ll have to throw a lot.

    3.) I’ll say around 20 too, but mostly because I think we’ll have quick scoring drives early.

    4.) Boom will have more, but both will have a lot. I’m counting on several big ones for Herron – he could approach 200 if he’s in long enough.

    5.) Indiana is Indiana, except this year, they’re worse than that. 63-6, the walrus can’t help himself…

    6.) Probably, but no more than a handful of passes.

  4. 1.) Will OSU pitch a shutout on defense?
    Indiana has 1 win this year and that came vs. a D1AA school. The change at QB could pose some issues for the Buckeyes defense. I say OSU gives up a field goal.

    2.) Will OSU score any defensive or ST TDs?
    Freshan QB working with a lack of WR’s….umm….yeah….OSU’s defense will score.

    3.) How many passing attempts will Braxton get?
    I think OSU’s offense will open it up a bit. They know they have 2 weeks to prep him for PSU and UM. They will let the kid toss it around. This is also about developing the WR’s….who are ALL green.

    4.) Who has more yards Boom or Hyde?
    I can see Boom and Hyde splitting carries 70/30 before the game gets out of hand. Boom will have more yards.

    5.) What is the final score?

    6.) Per SportsMonkey’s request a bonus question….. Will Guiton see any playing time this week?

    Honestly, Miller should get all of the playing time. OSU is gunning for a conference title and still need to develope Miller.

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