My Buckeye heart aches

After what seems like the 1 billionth bad news day for Ohio State in the last year I think I am finally ready to accept defeat. By now I am sure most of you have heard that more bad news has come down the pipes in the way of more players suspended for taking more illegal benefits. I could go into great detail about who and what they did or how it is the systems fault or that everyone is doing it but I won’t do that. Not this time and not ever again.

This time I am heart broken not because my team is in trouble but because there seems to be a total disregard for the reality that has been cast upon us in the last year. First we had players make stupid mistakes that lots of people do when they are college athletes. Then our beloved coach lied and covered up for them and we are told it is isolated and nothing else will be found. Over the next 10 months we hear that same line over and over like a broken record every time something new comes out. Players are taking illegal benefits and it is isolated to a few individuals. Gene Smith assures us, and it won’t cause the dreaded Lack of Institutional Control or Failure to Monitor charges. Gene Smith keeps telling us there is nothing else to see here and we are moving forward. Gene Smith is an effing liar but what do I expect him to say? That Ohio State has lost control of its players and we should expect extremely harsh penalties because I, Gene Smith have done a horrendous job of running the Athletic Dept? Of course he won’t say that because he desperately is trying to save his job and the school from the NCAA hounds.

I have bad news for you Gene Smith. The gig is up. None of your friendships at the NCAA is going to save OSU now. The players who continued to break rules and take illegal benefits from rogue boosters after already getting caught doing it DON’T GIVE A DAMN FOR THE WHOLE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. You write up a report to send to the NCAA laughably pretending like these fricking idiots had no idea they were breaking the rules by taking money for a job they weren’t doing. Yet you don’t kick them off the team. You don’t resign from your job as AD at OSU. You instead continue to embarrass and shame Ohio State and its honest athletes and its devoted fans by trying to make us believe lies that our 5 year old kids would make up after breaking mommy’s vase.

To those players who I supported through the beginning of this process because I thought they were being taken advantage of by a bad system: Today some of you proved to me it was greed and excess that drove you to break these rules, not kids being kids. I am struggling with why on earth you all weren’t kicked off the team today. There is no place for you on this year’s team or any future team because you put your self importance and greed above the good of the team. I am angry as hell at you all but a few weeks or months or maybe years down the road I will forgive you and welcome you back to my Buckeye Nation with open arms as time heals all wounds. Today though there is a gaping hole in my heart that you guys caused.

This day in history is the day where I can’t find a reason to defend you Mr. Smith and the players who have besmirched the wonderful name that is the Ohio State University. To you Coach Fickell, if you don’t have the ability to kick these guys off the team then you should quit in protesting them still being on it. If you do have the ability to kick them off the team and didn’t for any reason then shame on you, too.

I can only hope that when all is said and done the NCAA will decide to wipe this entire year off their record books just like last year so I can pretend that this season never happened on the field or off of it. For the first time in this whole thing I am really unsure what to do or feel. I can’t find a way to defend the players or the AD or the coaches. I can’t imagine the NCAA wont change the charges to give us a LOIC and/or FTM violations. If this school doesn’t deserve those charges I can’t imagine who could. E Gordon Gee better start cleaning house now or I will be ready for his dismissal as well. Start to fix this ship now and kick the players off the team and resign Gene Smith or be fired. Luke Fickell, I am sorry this is what you had to deal with but your career at OSU is over and you have given me nothing to try and fight for you to have another chance. I hope the NCAA will have mercy on us by seriously how in the world can they? I will never stop being a Buckeye fan and support my school and its teams. Today though it is becoming way to difficult justify fighting with non-Buckeye fans that they are wrong and that OSU isn’t a school out of control.

It doesn’t help that I am writing this post during a 36 hour period where I have been passing more kidney stones then any OSU QB has footballs all season. My pain is real and it is enormous but it pales in comparison to how my Buckeye Heart aches right now sadly.


  1. Eric, there was no free cars, or tattoos.

    Some players sold their stuff for tattoos. It was wrong and they were punished for it.

    Nobody earned free cars, no matter how many UM fans put their fingers in their ears, stomp their feet, and insist otherwise. That allegation was disproved by OSU, the Ohio BMV, and the NCAA.

    And, if you note SYR’s entire point, the players that did accept cash for charity attendance or for not working should go. They should go precisely because we learned it was wrong when UM got caught doing it.

  2. I never said tattoos did anything for their physical performance. It was a violation of rules in how they obtained them. As was a lot of other stuff that OSU is under investigation for.

    So winning is more important than following the rules? I know we’ve had infractions in the past, but nothing like this in our football program.

    I forget, but what’s the all time record between Michigan and Ohio State? Where’s Jim Tressel now? What’s your current record? What happened to your Heisman hopeful, TP? Why aren’t Herron and Posey starting this week? What happened with Clarett? How much money did Santonio fess up to taking while he was at OSU? Who’s Ted Sarniak?

  3. @Kai- How much money did Santonio Holmes admit to taking at OSU?

  4. @Kai – what’s the record since World War II? Where’s Lloyd Carr now? Where’s Rich Rodriguez now? What happened to your Heisman hopeful, Mike Hart? What happened with Justin Boren? What happened with Charles Woodson and his booster troubles? How much money did the Fab 5 take while they were at UM? Why did your AD assault that woman and get fired? Who’s Gary Moeller?

  5. That’s the only one you want to chat about from that? But, in answer, Josh Luch’s article from 2010 in where he talks about talking to Santonio who admitted to taking money while at OSU is where I pulled that from.

  6. @Kai- How much money did he admit to taking? Let me guess there is no answer to your question is there?

  7. True, but at the end of the day Michigan’s on the rise and you might not want to admit it but Hoke is your guy’s worst nightmare. Have you checked out the class were bringing in next year? Don’t forget, history tells us that Michigan is overall the better team and university. Series record vs ohio 57-44-6. Michigan has 11 national championships, you have 7. We have the most wins in ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL.

  8. @Eric- Thanks for admitting you were wrong. My guy is not afraid of Hoke or this years scUM team. We have seen this same team year after year. Hot start until they play a real team then the team crumbles. scUM fans living off the past as always. scUm is no different then Notre Lame a shamble of a proud program of the past. What will you guys do if you lose to OSU this year? Oh the humanity!!!

  9. I don’t have time to count, but in answer to the others. Lloyd is retired, gracefully. Mike Hart is coaching at EMU. Justin Boren is on a practice squad. Woodson is winning Super Bowls. 38,000 is what is on govt. record. I don’t know the sexual proclivities of our AD. Gary’s sitting at home too.

    So out of those things there is only two bad things that I see: Cwebb admitted his guilt and a sexual assualt.

    where are my question’s answers?

  10. How are you guys reacting to your current record? Doesn’t look too hot in Columbus…. Especially when you lose to Nebraska this week….

  11. @Kai- Since you wont answer my question I assume you readily admit you dont have an answer. Thanks for playing.

  12. I don’t know the actual #, I don’t. I do know he admitted to it. That’s enough for me

  13. Sylvester, so your saying if ohio had the history of winning that Michigan does you wouldn’t try to rub it in our face? Because I highly doubt you guys wouldn’t. It’s not living in the past, it’s being proud of our history.

  14. @Kai- hahaha so you were there when a dirty NFL agent banned by the NFL for being dirty asked Santonio to be one of his clients but Santonio told him no because he already had an agent that was paying him?

    Please stop while you can. You keep pretending like rumors and myths are facts and truths. You are looking like a moron.

  15. He was in school at the time….

    Also, where are the answers to all the other questions. Are you focusing on this because your only chance of “winning” a point is that one question? Since you’re not answering any of those I will assume you’re conceding victory. Thanks for playing

  16. @Eric- Fine you can live off those scUM teams from 1890s to 1920 that won the first 20 games in the series. All those NCs you won before 1950. All those more victories you have while you had a team for years before OSU even had a team to have the most CFB wins.

    We will have to live with having more wins in modern football. More B1G titles then any team ever. More Heisman winners. More NCs in the modern era. More BCS wins then any school in CFB. More BCS appearances than any school in CFB. Less losses in the last 3 years then you guys have wins.

    Shew glad we cleared that all up.

  17. @Kai- Michigan leading 57-44-6…..Jim Tressel is making bank in the NFL…. 3-2….. TP was taken in the 3rd round by the Oakland Raiders and will play in the NFL this weekend….. Because Ohio State found out they broke rules and self reported the problems to the NCAA and suspended them themselves….. Clarett is playing in the UFL….. Santonio didnt fess up to taking any money while at OSU….. TPs mentor and father figure.

    I didnt realize you didnt know the answers to any of your questions. How silly of me to assume that you already knew them. I should have known you didn’t though after providing no answer to how much money did Santonio admit to taking.

  18. Here’s what I know. OSU won on the backs of shady dealings and broken rules. You have a history of coaches who make poor decisions and players who’ve made even worse decisions.

    Have a good day, this has been fun. Go Blue and Bababooey to ya’ll

  19. @Kai- Here’s what I know. scUM lost on the backs of shady dealings and broken rules. You have a history of coaches who make poor decisions and players who’ve made even worse decisions.

    Have a good day, this has been fun proving you a moron all day long. šŸ™‚

  20. last 10 years:


    1-9 vs. OSU

  21. @J = Another scUM Fortune Teller

  22. Our coaches punched people? Our coaches blatantly broke and ignored rules and professed publicly to be a saint? No, we practiced too much. sorry, that’s a point to me. All you’ve done today in this post is ignore points you can’t win while I’ve answered everything. Typical for an OSU fan to not see what’s in front of their noses.

    What happened right before those 10 years? You went through the same stint with Cooper, whom OSU fired. Cyclical. Now history is about to repeat itself and you’re going to cry the whole time about how you didn’t deserve it.

    See you guys from the top while you’re at the bottom for the next ten years. Later, losers

  23. It’s not future telling when Kyle and Dymonte (and probably his cousin come up North)

  24. @Kai and all the scUM fans thanks for all the hits today. El Kaiser thanks you for paying his car payment this month as well. šŸ˜‰

    @Kai- When you can answer your own questions feel free to come back and chat with me.

  25. @Kai- So now you are “future telling” that those Ohio guys are going to make your team unbeatable. Stop rubbing your crystal ball it is turning blue!!!

  26. This seems to happen every year with UM…

    They win their first 4 games or so and start thumping their chests…

    With a schedule of:

    Western Michigan
    Eastern Michigan
    Notre Dame
    San Diego State

    Don’t get all that cocky.

    UM plays two teams that are currently ranked and I’m guessing that only one of those teams will be ranked at the time the game is played.

    And until UM beats OSU…STFU.

  27. LOL…

    None of them.

  28. Dear Michigan Future Tellers,

    I’ve looked into my crystal ball and this is what I saw:

  29. Must be a slow week on the scUM blog scene! Go back up north, and figure out how you will keep your QB healthy during the B1G gauntlet. Oh before you go please look on the top left of this website

    See if my team hadn’t won in about a decade I would grasp at the idea that a vacated win(not game), wasn’t actually played. Unfortunately for you all it was!

  30. after a nine month colonoscopy by the NCAA/ESPN/CNNSI/etc…we have come up with :

    1. free tattoos

    2. gas money for attending a charity event

    3. overpayment for summer jobs

    4. free round of golf

    Earth Shattering Stuff….

  31. @J- If you come around weekly you will see a meltdown post from me. hahaha

    Unfortunately for you scUM fans it never comes off a defeat to you guys in any of the meaningful sports so you don’t read it enough. Please feel free to come back and post as you can we love the traffic.

  32. I found Kai and J:

    Among others

  33. Hint: J is the one riding in the little cart…

  34. VS. Um since 1950?


  35. @J- stop living off other teams beating OSU just because your team can’t find a way to do it.

  36. @J- Every time you post something it makes you look dumber and dumber. Stop already it is clear you are trolling and have nothing to add to the conversation at hand.

  37. @J- By how many points is your team going to lose by this weekend?

    OSU will win this weekend 27-17…. didnt you hear we got our Blind Side LT guy back so we wont lose anymore #instantimprovement

  38. @J- I only answer questions if the person asking them also answers questions….. By how many points will your team lose by this weekend?

  39. @J- I would be more surprised if scUM doesn’t once again collapse after playing cupcakes to start the season.

  40. Kade – I think the fact that you used a picture of a handicapped person to insult someone is disgusting.

  41. Todd,

    I find your inability to process the fact that it was a joke disgusting.

    I also find the fact that you assume Michigan fans are all handicapped to be disgusting as well.

  42. @Todd- the fact that you came here and read all the insults and jokes on here and that one picture disturbed you the most AMAZES me!!! Go away Far away

  43. I think the fact that I missed out on all this is disgusting.

  44. You should have seen the stuff I had to trash or delete hahaha this would easily be a 200 comment post.


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