2011 Blogpoll Ballot, Week #6 (draft)


  1. UM at 11?!? Texas at 9?!?

    So UM beat Minny. Minny lost by 13 points to North Stinking Dakota State. They will likely end the year 1-11. Blowing out Minnesota at home shouldn’t be worth a seven-slot jump.

    Neither UM or Tx has a single quality win and both had a crappy team last year. Illinois and K State have had victories against ranked opponents this year. And it’s looking like Ga Tech will likely compete for the ACC title (with Clemson). So IMO, Illinois, K State, and Ga Tech are more impressive resume-wise than UM or TX and should be ranked higher.

  2. osuntlchumpz says

    Yeah, Texas at #9. Quit your crying. Your sad-sack Buckeyes are 1-2 all-time vs. the Longhorns. Enjoy the NCAA Sanctions coming your way!!!

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