Jamaal Berry incident

So I really don’t like writing articles without all the known info but this strange case deserves a write up of some sort.

Wednesday morning at Enarson Hall on the Ohio State campus a “physical confrontation” between two people was reported to campus police. When campus police arrived they found an incoherent and mentally unstable Jamaal Berry who was reportedly involved in a wrestling match with an as of yet to the public unknown other person. Berry reportedly couldn’t tell police his name or location. A OSU professor who witnessed the situation said that Berry was “clearly out of sorts and… quite disconnected from his surroundings,”. Jamaal Berry voluntarily admitted himself to the hospital to be subjected to some tests and to be monitored.

As of Friday morning Berry has been released and no criminal charges have been filed as of yet. His status for this weekends game against Michigan State is completely up in the air let alone his career at OSU. We at MOTSAG wish nothing but a healthy recovery for Berry and hope whatever his issue is/was is solved soon and he can have a productive career and life.

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