It’s Miller time…

Today on his Radio Call-In show Coach Luke Fickell did the obvious. He announced “It’s time to give him a shot. We still know we need both of them. Have to make sure you can handle it in the locker room.” Braxton Miller will start this Saturday against the Colorado Buffaloes. This probably wasn’t an easy of a decision for Fickell as it would be for most fans. I am sure Bauserman will handle it with grace and dignity. I hope Braxton can rally the troops behind him and lead them to glory. Only time will tell but for now we have a new era in Ohio State history…. Miller Time.

Also on the Show he said Corey “Philly” Brown more than likely won’t play this week due to his ankle injury. He did say Andrew Sweat will play battling through being dinged up.

Christian Bryant may get the safety starting spot depending on what formation they start off on in the first series. Translation Orhian Johnson will play much less and Christian Bryant will play a lot more going forward. THANKFULLY

The running back situation is still a bit murky but Fickell said that Jordan Hall and Carlos Hyde may both start the game on Saturday. Personally I am hoping they open in a wishbone with Boren as well and with Braxton Miller that is a 4 back field I could get behind :).

Adam Homan is injured and will miss a few weeks.


  1. I think OSU will run early with Miller and let the defense HIT out his early game jitters.

    I also see a decent amount of them running out of the shotgun with the jet motion zone option read, regular zone read and various power plays out of the gun.

    I think it will be successful and will open up pass catchers down the field.

    …and for the love of God…can they please play Berry 2-3 series in this offense? This offense is in dire need of a game breaker.

  2. Jordan Hall is 10x the game breaker of Jamaal Berry. BOO YAH yeah I said it lol

  3. Berry’s 8.3 yards per carry and long run of 67 say hi.

  4. Berry’s yards all came in garbage time against scrubs. Jordan Hall beat him in the depth chart last year and again this year. Berry may have been injured but he has returned kicks the last 2 weeks. If he doesnt supplant Hyde or Hall this week in the depth chart his career is essentially over at OSU and he will transfer at the end of the season to some directional Florida school I am sure.

    I hope I am wrong but things dont look good for him to ever get his chance.

  5. The dude is always hurt…

    Doesn’t help him to get on the field.

  6. My feelings are if you can run as fast as possible into a wall I.E. KO returns. You should be able to play RB. The coaches clearly dont think he can play RB at OSU his chances are quickly running out. No pun intended.

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