2011 Blogpoll Ballot, Week #4 (draft)


  1. My only comment is OK beat a top 10 (according to your last week poll) on the road and Bama played North Texas. So if I use the logic you have been going with OK should be ranked higher.

  2. I’ll second SYR’s OK note, and add that according to your recent logic Boise should get punished because their dominant victory over Toledo looks worse due to Toledo’s loss to an 86th ranked OSU offense.

    In fact, opponent-wise, LSU has a more robust resume than Bama at this point in the season.

    Finally, (even though I may disagree with it), your logic should put Stanford above OK St and OK State above Wisco. Stanford played better against Arizona than OK state did, and both played a better Pac12 opponent than Wisco did. In fact, Wisco’s Pac12 opponent (which looked like a decent win at the time) hasn’t even won a game yet.

  3. You guys are right about OK and about LSU. I will dutifully make those changes. Same with dropping Wisky.

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