“Charity 3” have been reinstated

Jordan Hall, Travis Howard, and Corey “Pittsburgh” Brown have been reinstated by the NCAA after serving a 2 game suspension for taking $200 in cash from a charity event. This news has come at a time when we will need them most with our first road game of the year at Miami coming up this Saturday. After last weeks debacle of OSU claiming the players were available and the NCAA smacking OSU on the hand 24 hours before last week’s game with Toledo, Coach Fickell played his cards close to the vest today not announcing their availability until the NCAA gave them the go ahead.

To read the entire NCAA reinstatement press release go here.


Of special note taken from the last paragraph of the press release “Reinstatement decisions are independent of the NCAA enforcement process and typically are made once the facts of the student-athlete’s involvement are determined. This is typically well in advance of infractions decisions. The enforcement investigation into the Ohio State University is ongoing.”

It appears as if OSU isn’t in the clear from this case of a Booster gone wild and players taking money they shouldn’t have. My guess is NCAA wants to know why players have been attending this charity event yearly without approval from the OSU compliance office and if this “booster” is a bigger issue then appears on the surface.


  1. This is good news, obviously, but that “ongoing” part of the last paragraph is foreboding…

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