2011 Ohio State Pro Combat Uniforms

Nike unleashed onto the world the 2011 Pro Combat uniforms given to specific teams and like always OSU is one of those schools. The uniform is dedicated to the 1961 OSU NC team and is suppose to resemble their uniforms and also form a Buckeye Tree with the gloves representing tree bark. Most people I saw on twitter HATE the unis. I like them and more importantly recruits and players LOVE them. One thing I always think is funny is when football fans start critiquing fashion as if they are some sort of Project Runway judge channeling their inner Tim Gunn. Next time you go to a game look around at the people in the stadium and after seeing what they are wearing you can start to understand football fans should never judge fashion.

Ohio State 2011 Pro Combat Uniforms


  1. I’m also in the camp of loving the Pro Combat uniforms. I think it comes from 8+ years of designing uniforms in the NCAA 200X video games. I’ve done it so much that I see a pic above and I immediately know what tweaks they made to get that look.

    I don’t, however, like Nike trying to release these as “honoring” a team in the past. Just make the jerseys and admit you make money every time you do it. It’s okay. Capitalism is great. Just admit that’s what this is.

  2. So far, all three of ours have just been updated versions of previous jersey styles. Not quite throwbacks but not entirely new designs. Even just a little nod to the past keeps me from worrying about it going too far.

    I’m cool with it for one game a year, and I’m kind of glad it’s the not The Game this year and wouldn’t mind if it was never The Game again.

    As long as they’re never as horrible as the crazy-train Maryland clown suits, I’m on board.

  3. Eventually they are going to run out of previous NC years to honor lol…. Hope they do a throwback to 2002 next year 🙂

  4. Yeah, I agree on “no throw backs” for ScUM game. Any other game fine with me. Can’t get use to not seeing current helmet no matter what uni they wear. Any other helmet looks cheesy to me.
    If an OSU recruiter came to my home and set current helmet down in front of me, and said “son you want to wear one of these”? No brainer, yep! Throw back helmets…? Ah gees, maybe. Its probably just me?

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