Poll Dancing: Week Two, or Brian Kelly’s Strength of Schedule Seminar

It only took the University of Michigan (“The Harvard of Ann Arbor”) 259 years to duplicate Benjamin Franklin’s most famous discovery.  If Franklin were alive today, he would have likely been too busy scrawling a scathing letter of protest to Netflix for jacking up their streaming prices before he finished season 3 of The Office.  But if he had flipped over to the most-hyped matchup of two unranked teams ever, he would have discovered the electricity (yeah, that happened) of one Mr. Denard Robinson as he once again orchestrated a last-minute victory over a Notre Dame team that just needs a cupcake, y’all.

In actual ranked-team news, the Coaches’ Poll had little movement this week outside of several one-spot flip-flops that didn’t really seem to be based on anything.  The biggest gainers were Arizona State (who beat the erroneously-ranked Missouri in overtime), West Virginia (who beat the possibly-fictional Norfolk State) and South Florida (who beat Ball State, probably the best team in the state of Indiana).

That overtime loss by Missouri is the only one suffered by a Big 12 team so far.  By Kathy Miles’ estimation, that makes them like the most awesomest conference ever.  That must be why everybody wants out.

This weekend’s slate is light on excitement but there are several world-shocking opportunities for unranked teams hosting ranked opponents.  I’ll be surprised if at least one of these games isn’t an upset:

Boise State @ Toledo
West Virginia @ Maryland
Michigan State @ Notre Dame
Ohio State @ Miami (please not this one please)


  1. I’m going to say it in every thread I can fit it in — Toledo is pulling off the upset. I can just feel it.

    Unfortunately that isn’t going to do Team Anti-BCS any favors if they do.

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