Holy Toledo (Game Recap)

So as of this writing, we are about five hours removed from the end of another Ohio State victory and the 90 year streak of victories over other Ohio college teams continues for the Buckeyes. That is probably the best things that happened today in the 27-22 Buckeye victory. Toledo had more yards and more offensive points and really had more energy and will to win than OSU did all game long. Don’t get me wrong, Toledo is a good team and is favored to win their conference this year and most likely will easily win the MAC. It was a trap game that OSU seemed happy to walk into the trap and not fight to get out of it. Ohio State is lucky to escape today with a win. VERY lucky.

How did OSU get so lucky today? As well as Toledo played today, they lost the game all by themselves. Toledo racked up 14 penalties for 108 yards and most of those penalties were drive killers or OSU drive helpers and never in favor of the Rockets. OSU on the other hand only had 2 penalties for 13 yards. Toledo’s head coach Beckman did a masterful job play calling this game, he just really needs to teach fundamentals and intelligence. How in the world do you have so many illegal formations on punts? I counted 4 or 5 at least where they had 5 guys in the backfield. Somebody needs to learn how to count to 5 for the Special Teams. One of those penalties made Toledo punt again after a great first punt which the 2nd punt was returned 69 yards for a TD by Chris Fields of OSU. Which is the difference between winning and losing. Toledo also had an INT and missed a FG and screwed up the hold on another FGA. That is how you diagram losing a game.

For Ohio State, the kind of offense Toledo runs has always given them fits. It doesn’t help when you have 8 players suspended for the game and another 5 players out with injuries. Then during the game you lose more players to injuries. Having to play so many inexperienced players isn’t any help either. I know we are only 2 games into a very strange season for OSU but where are our safeties at this year? What has happened to Tyler Moeller? They aren’t making plays and they don’t seem to be flying all over the field like usual. The only times we here their names called is when they have missed a tackle or got burned on a play. They need to get tougher and meaner on defense all around and start playing with an attitude again. On offense we are missing too many players due to suspensions to be as effective as we will be later on in the year. Bauserman was inconsistent today at best. Braxton Miller didn’t get to play at all. Carlos Hyde played well but not great. The WR corp did a good job when Bauserman wasn’t over throwing them by miles. Rod Smith I love you buddy but I don’t think we will see you on offense again this year if Berry is 100% next week and Hall and Herron get back from suspensions. You need to protect the ball young man. On a bright note for you I remember Eddie George fumbling the ball several times on the goal line when he was younger and he turned out “OK”. Stoneburner, I will forgive you for that drop on an easy pass on 4th down if you keep scoring TDs every game deal? Drew Basil, stop kicking like you are a wolverine for the love of Woody. John Simon had to go into the locker room in the third quarter to get an IV for fluids due to cramps and came back in the fourth quarter to win this game for the Buckeyes with TFLs and sacks and QB pressures.

To sum things up: OSU didn’t Shock the world or Silence the doubters today. They did, however, prove they don’t suck as bad as Penn St. and Michigan who have never beaten the mighty Toledo Rockets so at least they can tell that to the haters tonight right?

Answers to the Preview Questions….
1.) Stoneburner had 1 TD catch.
2.) OSU had 4 QB sacks.
3.) OSU did NOT pitch another shutout.
4.) Final score was 27-22 OSU.

Given that no one was even close on the final score I declare all of us LOSERS. Next up for OSU The U…..


  1. This offense is in DIRE need of playmakers.

    I would sub in Miller for Bauserman and Berry for Hyde. Hyde would then take Smith’s carries.

    Fickell isn’t doing himself any favors and is looking like a LBer coach instead of a head coach.

    I thought the defense played really well against a talented offense.

  2. Having 21 scholarship players unavailable for the game was a huge problem. Losing a few others for at least part of the game didnt help either.

    They need to get back the “Charity 3” this week badly but it feels like the NCAA isnt going to let that happen.

    We need our safeties to start playing better. The LBs and DL are doing a good job stopping the run and rushing the QB. The CBs are doing ok based on their experience. The safeties and STAR guys need to play much better going forward.

  3. I refuse to believe that Toledo is a “good team.” Too many Buckeye fans are perpetuating that myth. The last three BCS teams this same Toledo team played outscored them 118-47, and 31 of those 47 points came against “mighty” (snicker) Purdue.

    OSU should have cakewalked through this game, and didn’t primarily because of a poor game plan/scheme.

    Every.Single.Time OSU played power football (aka Keep Calm And Play Dave) they netted positive yards, averaging 3-4ish. (Exception was Smith’s fumble.) Toledo could not stop OSU’s power rushing game. So what did Fickell/Bollman do? Run stretch plays, sweeps, bootlegs, and call home run deep balls drive after drive. Maddening. Yoo-hoo… Fickell: you have a better O-line than JT ever had and 942 200+ lb running backs. Use them.

    As inaccurate as Boz was, were it not for his good decisions OSU would have lost for sure.

    If that OSU team we saw Saturday is the “real” 2011 team, then it’s a 5-6 loss team this year. I only see about 6 or 7 teams on the schedule that OSU can beat playing like they played on Sat.

  4. @sM – I hate to say it, but this Friday when Toledo upsets Boise, you’ll have to eat your words. Don’t worry, I’ll be there to remind you. Over and over.

    That being said, this is a common refrain. OSU struggles early against a “lesser” team, goes on to have a good season. Wait until next week to hit the panic button.

    Injuries, suspensions and conservative play by Bahzerman contributed to this game being close. Throw in cliches like “looking to next week” and “not respecting the opponent” and you get what we saw in Toledo.

  5. Got to imagine JoeB is being drilled into conservative decision making by a offensive staff that at the same time is holding Braxton in the playbook doghouse for now. Maybe that’s all good at this point. Boise and Ohio State are just too deep for a team like Toledo, but what a joy to watch Ohio’s best playmaker in action. Post game the media leadingly asked Eric Page “was it the concensus in the locker room that Toledo beat themselves, that OSU didn’t beat you?” Page didn’t fall for it he said “OSU is a great team…made the plays” what a class act compared to those fans at the ‘Shoe raining boos down on their Buckeye team.

  6. @Jay – I hadn’t seen that quote, but that was pretty classy of Page. I’d love to know the reasons Ohio State’s recruiting staff passed on or overlooked Page. He would have looked great in scarlet and gray.

  7. @el Kaiser ~sometimes I think OSU’s recruiting luxury unlike any of it’s conference rivals has made them a bit lazy over the years. UT’s signed every Toledo Blade “Player of the Year” (which includes Page) since Sanzenbacker. If Ted Ginn Sr hadn’t whispered Sanzy name in JT’s ear Dane would never have parlayed his chance workout for OSU coaches. Page is an inch shorter than Dane, both weigh 180 lbs but Eric Page is a phenom, one of 50 players added to the 2011 watchlist for the Paul Hornung award (most versatile player in college football). If only the Bucks hadn’t overlooked him but maybe it was more Ann Arbors loss, read Page was a huge Wolverine fan. Ha!

  8. The problem is with all the players OSU passes up that go on to other colleges usually smaller ones they would never flourish as much at OSU. Not because of the system they are in at other schools as much as the one they AREN’T in at OSU. Eric Page is great but he would be stuck down low on the depth chart or would be a starter on a smash mouth football based offense. He flourishes in a hurry up spread offense and I doubt he would do the same at OSU.

  9. Au contraire mon fraire did you not see tonight what was missing, drop offs to sure handed recievers breaking to bail out QBs? Didn’t Sanzenbacker always make TP look a bit better than he really was? An Eric Page in scarlet & gray plus the Bucks defense might have a chance backing up our smack talking Gorden Gee at least against the “little sisters” like Boise State or maybe even a Miami. Our offense is a big zero without sure handed playmakers like Sanzy or Gonzo. OSU needs to recruit players like Page to fill that void.

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