Toledo @ Ohio State (Live Updates)

SYR decided to give the live blog a chance during the Toledo game. Hit the jump to follow his thoughts during the madness:

We are 20 minutes to kickoff. Going to do our best to do big play and score updates for the game today as well as quarterly updates on scores and game stories. Hope you all enjoy.

Not Dressed for todays game are Starting DE Nate Williams (Lower Leg Bruise),backup OL Antonio Underwood, backup LB Scott McVey, backup DL Melvin Fellows and Chase Farris. There are also 8 players suspended for todays game4 Tattoo guys, 3 charity guys, and Corey Linsley serving the last game of his 2 game suspension for violating team rules. That leaves 71 scholarship players available for this game.

Toledo won the toss and deferred to the 2nd half. Jamaal Berry is BACK and returned the opening KO 28 yards to the 33.

1st QTR

First drive Bauserman is perfect 3/3 for 50 yards and a 26 yard TD pass to Jake Stoneburner. Calos Hyde had 3 carries on the drive for 5 yards and Verlon Reed had 1 rush for 12 yards and 1 catche for 13 yards and Philly Brown had 1 catch fro 11 yards. Drew Basil made the XP. 7-0 Buckeyes

Toledo plays a hurry up offense and moves the ball down the field on their first time on offense but their kicker missed the FG. 7-0 Buckeyes still.

Toledo blocked a punt returned it to the 1 yard line after a penalty scored on a Eric Page 6 yard TD rec. Toledo went for 2 and scored 8-7 Rockets.

OSU drove the ball down the field thanks to 2 15 yard penalties on Toledo. Basil missed his FG attempt BADLY. 8-7 Rockets.

Toledo changes QBs and Terrance Owens passes to Eric Page for a 66 yard TD. 15-7 Rockets.

OSU went 3 and out and it is now 3rd and 14 Toledo end of the 1st QTR.

2nd QTR

Toledo punted. First play of OSU drive Corey “Philly” Brown goes down with a ankle injury and appears to be in serious pain. OSU had a nice drive going but had to punt. Toledos Eric Page fair caught the ball at their own 5 yard line.

Toledo goes 3 and out and will punt from inside their own endzone. Nice punt but a penalty takes 5 yards away. Will be 1st down from around the 40 yard line for OSU.

OSU was all Carlos Hyde on that drive. He had a 8 yard catch and a 36 yard TD run. Basil made the XP. 15-14 Rockets

Toledo Eric Page returns the KO 42 yards. Toledo goes backwards from there including a sack by Big Hank. Referees give the Toledo a wonderful spoit on his kick out of bounds to the 20 yard line. Should have been between the 30-35.

OSU goes 3 and out and Buchannon punts the ball away. Toledo will take over on the OSU 43 yard line.

Toledo is moving the ball nicely into OSU side of the field until Terrance Owens throws a pass right to Storm Klein who returns the ball to the 45 yard line.

OSU on first play Bauserman throws a deep ball to Verlon Reed both Toledo defenders complete pass interferance 1st down OSU at the Toledo 40 yard line. Bauserman way over throws Devin Smith on 1st down. JB Shugarts false start. Carlos Hyde 6 yard rec. 3rd and 9. 4th and 3 Stoneburner drops an easy pass. Turnover on downs. 15-14 Rockets

Toledo QB scrambles for 9 yards. 2nd down Sabino tackles Eric Page for 3 yard loss. FS Toledo 3rd and 9. Garrett Goebel and Andrew Sweat sack the QB to force a punt.

Chris Fields retuns the punt 69 yards for a TD. Drew Basil makes the XP. 21-15 Buckeyes.

OSU wisely kicks a short KO to the up back who returns it 7 yards to the 30 yard line. 42 secs to go in the half.


First half analysis OSU hasn’t played very well and Toledo has. It appears as though Ohio State defense has seemed to find their groove back in the 2nd qtr. Neither team can convert a 3rd down going a combined 1 for 12. Toledo has 15 yards rushing and 137 yards passing we really miss Travis Howard. Toledo has 1 turnover and 80 yards in penalties which has completely killed their momentum. OSU has 80 yards rushing and 98 yards passing. No turnovers thankfully and few penalty yards. I am sure Fickell and company will have a spirited half time and will correct some issues. If not it will be a long second half. Let’s all hope for a better last half of this game.

3rd QTR

Eric Page returns the squib kick back to the 40 yard line. Adonis Thomas gets a screen pass and runs it for 42 yards and a personal foul face mask to add on but Toledo gets a penalty for 5 yards 1st down toledo deep in the redzone. Nearly an interception by Orhian Johnson in the end zone the Ref got injured on the play. 3rd and 4 from the 6. Thomas runs for 3 yards 4th and 1. Toledo is going for it from the wildcat and gets a 5 yard TD run from Adonis Thomas. 22-21 Rockets.

OSU goes 3 and out on 3 straight Carlos Hyde runs. Buchannon punts it to Eric page who takes a fair catch at the Toledo 32 yard line. 1st and 10 Toledo. 22-21 Rockets

Toledo drives the ball down the field rather easily screws themselves with a bad penalty and on a 51 yard FG attempt the holder screws up and is tackled for a loss. OSU gets the ball back at midfield. 22-21 Rockets. John Simon was carted off the field during the last drive not sure what happened. OSU trying to play the game with all 3rd stringers.

OSU drive was all Carlos Hyde and Devin Smith. OSU had a 1st and goal from the 8 and Toledo had them to 4th down before another stupid penalty by Toledo. On 1st and goal from 3 yard line Carlos Hyde runs right up the middle for a TD. OSU went for 2 and Bauserman inc. pass. 27-22 Buckeyes.

OSU pooch kicks it to the 30 yard line no return.

Toledo punts and for the 4th or 5th time got an illegal formation penalty on their punt. OSU 1st down at the 34.

End of the 3rd qtr. OSU will have a 2nd and 7 from the 50 when the 4th Qtr. starts. 27-22 Buckeyes.

4th QTR

Bauserman goes long to Devin Smith on 1st play of 4th nice breakup by the DB. OSU is forced to punt and Buchannon pins Toledo at the 2 yard line.

OSU stuffs the run on 1st and 2nd downs and Dantin throws the ball away on 3rd down. Toledo punts from their endzone OSU returns the ball to their own 37 yard line 1st and 10 OSU. 27-22 Buckeyes

OSU goes 3 and out and is forced to punt. Buchannon knocks them back to the 7 yard line with his punt. 27-22 Buckeyes

John Simon is back in the game after getting an IV for leg cramps.

Toledo picked up 2 1st downs before John Simon went crazy with 2 TFLs including a sack on 3rd and long. Toledo punts to OSU fair catch at the OSU 25 yard line. Six mins to go in the 4th qtr. 27-22 Buckeyes

Bauserman makes a nice 31 yard completion to Devin Smith. Rod Smith makes a nice run to around the 30 yard line of Toledo but fumbles the ball away to Toledo. 1st and 10 Toledo from their own 27 yard line with 3:08 left in the 4th qtr. 27-22 Buckeyes

Toledo gets a 1st down at OSU 45 yard line on a screen pass with 2:35 remaining. After a short run and incomplete pass 3rd and 7 Toledo. Intentional Grounding on Toledo 4th and 14. Toledo picks up 20 yards on a long pass. 1st and 10 Toledo 1:23 left to go. Toledo drives to the ball to inside OSU 20 yard line but turns the ball over on downs. John Simon saves the game for OSU.

Final Score 27-22 Buckeyes

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