Toledo vs. Ohio State Preview

So we are on to week two of the Ohio State Buckeyes 2011 and after a nearly perfect game (I am glaring at you Drew Basil and you, too, Rod Smith) the previous week against Akron, will OSU keep building on momentum or will they falter a little bit and get in a tight game? OSU proved they can and will put a world class defense on the field no matter how many players they lose for whatever reasons. Giving up zero points and 90 yards of total offense with five sacks and one interception they were flawless. The Buckeyes on offense were efficient and balanced. On special teams we were good on coverage and returns but Drew Basil missed both his field goal attempts and didn’t kick the KO’s deep enough for my liking.

Toledo, on the other hand, had a huge game against powerhouse New Hampshire. (Just kidding.) Toledo won their first game of the season 58-22 on a balanced attack of passing 304 yards and 5 TD’s to go with 287 yards rushing and 2 TD’s. The Rockets seem to want to use the 2-QB system this year since both QB’s played a lot last year. Expect a healthy dose of Austin Dantin a 6’2″ 200lb Junior from Tallahassee, Florida who completed 15 of 21 passes for 161 yards and 3 TD’s. We will also see Terrance Owens, a 6’4″ 180lb Sophomore from Cleveland who completed 10 of 13 for 122 yards and 2 TD’s.

The WR corp is led by Bernard Reedy a 5’9″ 175lb Soph. from Florida who had 5 catches for 113 yards and 2 TD’s and Eric Page a 5’10” 180lb Jr. from Toledo who added 5 catches for 60 yards and a TD.

The running game is strong and anchored by a strong offensive line. RB Adonis Thomas is a do-it-all 5’10” 185lb Sr. from Newark, NJ and he had 9 carries for 115 yards and 1 TD and added 4 catches for 26 yards. On defense Toledo didn’t impress much giving up over 300 yards and 22 points to a 1AA New Hampshire squad.

Ohio State will need to build on the previous weeks positives and fix some of their issues. Luckily OSU gets back 4 of the 8 Buckeyes suspended for part of this season. Starting RB Jordan Hall is back as well as our best cornerback, Travis Howard. Backups DB Corey “Pitt” Brown and LB Jordan Whiting are all back from 1 game suspensions for taking illegal benefits. We will also get back injured RB Jamaal Berry as well which will give OSU 2 more experienced RB’s to run behind the impressive OL. Ohio State needs to take this game serious as these other Ohio teams always come to the ‘Shoe with dreams of knocking off the school that didn’t want them. This is not the week to be looking past Toledo in anticipation of next weeks big game against Miami. Let’s hope that the Buckeyes are preparing and getting ready for a battle and keeps building on last weeks near perfection and continues to try to SHOCK THE WORLD and SILENCE THE DOUBTERS.

This weeks questions will be easier and fewer I promise :).

1.) How many TD’s will Stoneburner have?
2.) How many sacks will OSU Def have?
3.) Will OSU pitch another shutout?
4.) What will be the final score?


  1. Oh man does this ever feel like a trap game or what….. We just need to win and win big to prove we aren’t as pathetic as scUM and PSU which Toledo is undefeated all time against both those schools.

    1.) Stoneburner has an off week and only gets 2 TDs lol
    2.) The defense will see 2 mobile QBs so I say 3 sacks
    3.) I hope so but doubtful so I say no
    4.) 38-10 Buckeyes

  2. I have mixed feelings about this game. On the one hand, Toledo hasn’t scored a point against OSU in the past couple/few meetings, and they have an Akron-like defense. On the other hand, they have 20 returning seniors and a frustrating-to-prepare-for gimmicky offense.

    1) ZONEBURNER has another great game with some good catches and at least 1TD.
    2) Hungry Hungry Hankins will eat some offensive linemen to allow his teammates to get 4 sacks.
    3) Unlikely. Ordinarily I’d say these mid-major cupcakes should at least get a few FGs. Toledo’s kicker is an unknown, though. He stunk all of last year (2 of 7), but was 100% last week, even at long ranges.
    4) 35-13 Buckeyes

  3. 1) Bahzerman spreads the wealth, Stoneburner only gets 1 TD
    2) 3 sacks
    3) No shutout
    4) OSU 45 Toledo 13

  4. My PSU friend who is from the Toledo area bet me lunch that Toledo would beet OSU. Easiest lunch ever.

    The last time Ohio State played Toledo we all heard the same stuff. Toledo’s offense was tough. Their QB’s was deadly accurate and they had good skill players.

    That was 2 years ago and they scored zero points…a week after putting up over 50 vs. Colorado. I think the trend continues.

    1. Stoney gets 1 TD off playaction inside the 20.
    2. 2 sacks…Toledo does a good job of getting the ball out quickly.
    3. No shutout
    4. 48-17

  5. 1. 2 TDs
    2. 4 sacks
    3. What the hell, if no one else is going to pick it, I will – shutout.
    4. 41-0

  6. Your preview did not mention Toledo’s 2010 First Team All American Eric Page. I’ll bet the OSU Coaches did not overlook him.

  7. @IlliniBill- Read the post again and I think you will see I most certainly did mention Eric Page BOOYAH BURN I WIN jk

  8. @IlliniBill – From the looks of that game, it appears that maybe the OSU coaches did, in fact, overlook Page. He is a heck of a player.

  9. You did mention him with another receiver kind of in passing. He is a genuine talent as he showed. Not many 1st Team All Americans get second billing amongst the receivers in a one sentence comment. For some real football, h
    ow about da Bears?

  10. I based my preview of Toledo off of the 2011 season so far not 2010 season. In the only game Toledo played Eric Page was outplayed by the guy who put him in 2nd billing as you put it. No worries though Eric Page did himself justice and just like Cam Newton proved he was the best loser of all the losers on their day of football ;).

    As a Bear fan myself I want to be super excited but then reality sets in and I am back to when will they come back to reality. Could be worse though I could be a Brownies fan lol.

  11. OSU won a game it should have, they were 18 point favorites. Eric Page is not a loser, he is a class young man with athletic talent. Hopefully he can be successful in the career of his choice. Since coming to Ohio 25 years ago, I have been amazed with the craziness over college football in this area. The OSU and Michigan thing is interesting as is the Bear Packer rivalry. It is just a game. Losers in college football are the cheaters and there are plenty in a lot of places. When these guys turn pro and act in a ridiculous manner, it is no surprise. We need more winners like Eric Page and Craig Krenzel.

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