In Case You Missed It

In Case You Missed It (but you probably didn’t, because you are the quintessential Buckeye fan and you are plugged-in and on top of all things Buckeye but we’ll link it anyway because we love to talk about Ohio State football. Sure, we’ve discussed this will all our Buckeye friends already but here it is again.) is back:

I seem to remember things differently. The door on the Terrelle Pryor Saga is mostly closed so this is like screaming into a disconnected phone, but it really bothered me when local (and national) pundits were referring to Pryor’s dislike for contact. I thought to myself, “Self: I seem to remember on more than one occasion that we all cringed as Pryor opted for one more hit than step out of bounds, right?” sportsMonkey later mentioned the same thing. So I went to the YourToobs. Sure enough. Examples: here, here, here, DEFINITELY here, and here and well I could go on, but that should do.

(I should note: I noticed how little joy I felt watching “Terrelle Pryor Highlights” on YouTube. It didn’t do it for me, like say, THIS VIDEO does. The chills kick in before the music even starts)

It’s just too easy. Yes, it’s easy to mock the Bleacher Report mercilessly, but they’re trying, guys! Anyway, here’s you’re weekly shooting fish in a barrel: This Bleacher Report list: 10 Buckeyes that wouldn’t start today makes my brain hurt.

My Twitter gently weeps. If it wasn’t official before, it appears to be so now: James Louis has transferred to Florida International University and is hoping to qualify for a hardship exception waiver so he doesn’t have to sit out for the NCAA-mandated one year following a transfer.

Ohio State transfer wide receiver James Louis and West Virginia transfer running back Daquan Hargrett both practiced Friday evening, coach Mario Cristobal confirmed.

It’s more than just a game. Speaking of weeping, you might want to have some tissues handy reading this from Ramzy over at Elfin Warriors.

#FIRECRAIGJAMES. Finally, Stewart Mandel (with whom we’ve vigorously disagreed with in the past) is awarded with an honorary title of MotSaG hero of the week for this line, after questioned whether or not he trusts Craig James when it comes to reporting about the Big 12:

I wouldn’t trust Craig James to report on sixth-grade volleyball.

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