Friday Open Thread – Prediction Time

On the heels of a great prediction post over at the Ohio State Blog Eleventy Warhammers (keep an eye on those guys, they’re gonna do big things some day!) we want to get in the game here, too.

So we’ve opened this weekend’s thread for our prediction post.

In the comments (and with this week’s poll) we want to hear:

  • The 2011 Buckeyes season record (not including BTCG or bowl game)
  • the 2011 Offensive MVP
  • the 2011 Defensive MVP
  • the 2011 Freshman of the Year
  • and finally the 2011 Break-Out Player of the Year

My guesses:
Record: 10-2
Offensive MVP: Jaamal Berry
Defensive MVP: Etienne Sabino
Freshman: Braxton Miller
Break-Out Player: Michael Bennett

How about yours?

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  1. Record: 11-1
    Offensive MVP: Jordan Hall
    Defensive MVP: Nate Williams
    Freshman: Braxton Miller
    Break-Out Player: Verlon Reed

  2. Record: 10-2
    Offensive MVP: Boom Herron
    Defensive MVP(s): BIG HANK and Tyler Moeller
    Freshman: Braxton Miller
    Break-Out Player: Verlon Reed

  3. Record: 14-0 NATIONAL CHAMPS
    Offensive MVP: Jordan Hall
    Defensive MVP: Travis Howard
    Freshman: Doran Grant
    Break-out Player: Ryan Shazier

    Before I am mocked for my record. There feels like something big is going to happen this year. Either we have a great year or a bad year and no way I am going to predict 6-6 or 7-5.

  4. Record 12-1

    Offensive MVP Braxton Miller
    Defensive MVP Tyler Moeller
    Freshman Ryan Shazier
    Break Out Player Jamaal Berry

    This feels just like the Earle Bruce takeover. We get to the National Championship Game, lead all the way until the final seconds and lose by one point.

  5. I don’t know that I’m as high as everyone else is regarding OSU’s record.

    The loss of Terrelle Pryor will be crippling. Last year OSU averaged 38.8 pts per game. This year without Pryor…let’s just say he will be missed terribly. I don’t have much faith in Bauserman in criticle spots and while I think Miller is going to be a special player at OSU he is not ready either. Couple that with the fact that Posey is suspended 5 games and Dane Sanzenbacher is gone….WOW….the passing game has the potential to be REALLY bad this year.

    The defense will keep OSU in every single game this year, but the offense will eventually let them down.

    Record: 8-4 to 9-3
    Offensive MVP: Mike Brewster
    Defensive MVP: Tyler Moeller if he can stay healthy….if not…Johnny Simon.
    Freshman: Braxton Miller, he will take over for Bauserman for good at some point.
    Break out Player: CJ Barnett.

  6. Yeah, Kade… I started second-guessing my earlier 10-2 estimate. What led me back to optimism was the fact that OSU didn’t really need anywhere near 40 points per game to win… in fact the highest allowed last year were the 24 to Miami and 31 to Wisco which were special teams fails.

    “Crippling” is possible but premature… the loss of Smith/Ginn/Gonzo wasn’t crippling to the 07 team that was forced to completely refocus behind a long-term backup QB and change to a pounding rushing attack, just like this year’s team will. They won the B10 with that and got to the NC game.

    OTOH, they could implode entirely. Who knows…

    BTW, why am I the only one high on Boom Herron? Yeah he’s out for five games…. but he’s been out for that many due to injuries in each of the past couple of years and has still been the best and most impressive RB. OSU will be getting him for a whole seven games, the tough later ones, and will be relying heavily on him through those.

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